Soaking onions before planting

Onions are an indispensable ingredient in many dishes, which is why almost every gardener grows them. Every novice gardener asks many questions, for example, is it necessary to soak onions before planting.

Onions are grown in 2 stages. Whatever the stage, it must be carried out in the spring, but the land should still be prepared in the fall.

Onions are light-loving plants, so it is best to plant them in a sunny location. A non-acidic soil rich in organic matter will be favorable for him. In the fall, it is recommended to add compost or rotted manure to the beds. It is also ideal to add ash, and if the soil is acidic, then it is advisable to lime it.

Soaking onions before planting occurs if onion sets are already being planted, which allows you to stock up on onions for the winter. Many gardeners do not recommend soaking the onions before planting. Sometimes the upper part of the bulb is cut with a knife before planting, which allows for faster germination. In this procedure, it is very important not to cut off a lot, but only cut off the top. Onion sets are planted 2-3 cm, while the distance between the bulbs should be 25-30 cm between rows and 10-12 in rows.

If the weather conditions are insufficient for watering, then it is worth watering additionally, while avoiding overflow, as this can have a very detrimental effect on the onion and its fertility. But observing all the necessary conditions, in the end you can get a good supply of onions for a long time.

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