How is pepper planting in a greenhouse

Many of the favorite vegetables by amateur gardeners in our country can only grow in greenhouses if the vegetable garden or beds are not located in the warmest regions of the country. Pepper just belongs to such plants and if there is an opportunity, then even in the southern regions it is better to grow it in greenhouses.

Planting pepper in a greenhouse begins with preparing the soil, which consists in warming it up well - not lower than +15 degrees, peppers in no case should be planted in cold soil, make holes of the same size as the pots where the seedlings grow. 1 tbsp must be added to each hole. potash fertilizer without chlorine, which pepper categorically does not tolerate. On top, the fertilizer is poured to the top in the hole with water, and after the soil has absorbed the water, you can plant the pepper.

Planting peppers in the greenhouse is carried out at the same depth in which the seedlings grew, therefore we make the holes of the corresponding sizes.

The soil around the plants is compacted and poured, and it is advisable to tie up the plant itself immediately. Then, for about a week, the seedlings should not be watered, but you must wait. when it takes root in a new habitat. This will be evidenced by the development of a new leaf, this usually takes about 10 days. Now peppers can be fed with mineral fertilizers per 10 liters of oxen 0.5 tbsp. urea, 1 tbsp. potash fertilizer without chlorine, granular double phosphate.

The growth of peppers in a greenhouse largely depends on feeding and watering it, as well as on the microclimate in the greenhouse itself, therefore it is recommended to plant them in a separate greenhouse of low growth and without drafts.

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