Ampel strawberry: features of the species

Ampel strawberry is a special curly type of berry, represented by several varieties. Ampel strawberries are used not only for consumption, but also as a natural decoration.

The ampelous variety is "Alyuba". She is the creation of breeders who crossed the Fristar and Rapella strawberry varieties. "Alyuba" is distinguished by long peduncles, oblong-shaped berries, rather large (about 40 grams), sweet with dense pulp.

Ampel strawberry "Geneva" is an early variety. Even more flower stalks, since it is a direct relative of "Alyuba". The Geneva variety gives a high yield - up to 3 liters per bush. The berries are large and sweet. Among the common ampelous varieties: "Homemade delicacy", "Elizabeth", "Elan", "Balcony Stream".

Ampel strawberries usually bear fruit throughout the summer. Long shoots with new rosettes are formed on the bushes, on which flower stalks and, accordingly, new berries are subsequently formed. If such strawberries are not supported, the shoots will quickly take root and, thus, give life to new plants. It is advisable to use a non-metallic material as a support, as it quickly heats up and can harm the plant.

Another advantage of growing strawberries is that they are not prone to diseases that arise as a result of contact with the soil. In rainy weather, the plant can be covered to prevent rotting.
Some varieties of ampelous strawberries bear fruit for almost the whole autumn.

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