The best varieties of strawberries. Difficulties of choice

You can hardly meet a person who would not like garden strawberries or its forest variety - strawberries. And it is completely impossible to name the best varieties of strawberries, there are now a lot of them and each is good in its own way.


  • Requirements when choosing a strawberry variety
  • Most popular remontant varieties
  • Common strawberry varieties
  • How to properly plant strawberries on a plantation

First of all, let's divide strawberries into "regular", which yield once a season, and "remontant", which bears fruit continuously almost all summer.

Requirements when choosing a strawberry variety

Strawberry is a fast growing perennial plant. When choosing a variety, it is necessary to take into account the resistance to pests, find out how diseases are transferred, whether the variety has good taste and what kind of harvest it gives. It is best to plant several varieties of strawberries, the ripening times of which are different: early, mid-ripening and late-ripening, then it will be possible to collect it from the beginning of spring and almost until frost.

Be sure to take into account all the factors that can affect the quality of fruiting and yield. Consider the area and area where you are going to grow strawberries, the climatic conditions in this place, the quality of the land.

The most popular remontant strawberries

  • "Maherauha" refers to an early strawberry variety. Its berries are deep crimson red and very sweet.
  • Strawberries of the Zarya variety are also of early ripening. The bushes of the plant grow quite tall. The berries are bright red, more acidic than, for example, "Queen Elizabeth". This variety tolerates cold well, but requires abundant watering.
  • Festivalnaya strawberry is a mid-season variety. Gives a large harvest with large, rather sweet berries. Winter hardiness is high.
  • Late-ripening, high-yielding strawberry variety that came to us from Great Britain, "Red Gauntlet". Has established itself as excellent disease resistance, is not susceptible to gray rot.
  • From another country in Europe - France - came another variety called "Mount Everest". It produces a bountiful harvest, and its fruits are light in color and slightly sour in taste. You can harvest from the end of June until the very frost.
  • Also of the remontant varieties, Queen Elizabeth should be noted. These are large bushes that give a bountiful harvest of large, like shiny berries, sweet in taste. With proper care, the weight of the berry is up to 40 grams. The variety is winter hardy and tolerates diseases well. She gives a mustache very rarely. I sow it with seeds every year.
  • The "Ruyana" variety also does not produce a mustache, but the berries are medium and very fragrant.
  • The German variety "Herzberg" yields good yields and produces a lot of mustache, but it is often affected by white spot.
  • The origin of the Pei Krova auslese variety is unknown, but it gives good yields of sweet and sour berries, is winter-hardy and gives a lot of whiskers, which facilitates its reproduction.

Common strawberry varieties

  • Of the usual varieties, I like "Mashenka" more. It is an early variety with large, aromatic berries that tolerate transportation well. "Mashenka" is also distinguished by its resistance to diseases.
  • The early varieties include the Elvira variety with large bright red berries.
  • The well-known variety "Zenga Zengana" belongs to the medium-ripening varieties, the berries are dark red, medium-sized. Many people love this variety for its winter hardiness.
  • "Bogota" is a late-ripening variety with large, resilient berries, with a slight sourness. This variety is easy to care for.

In general, for each summer resident, the best varieties of strawberries are their own, after all, how many people - so many opinions.

How to properly plant strawberries on a plantation

If you want to always have fresh, aromatic strawberries “at hand”, then do not experiment with several new varieties at once. It is best to plant three quarters of the land with already proven varieties, and give 15-20 percent to new varieties to test yield, stability and winter hardiness.

For general planting, the long-known varieties "Junia Smides", "Zephyr", "Tsaritsa" are recommended. For an experiment, try to land "Elsantu" or "Albion". Just keep in mind that the latter require tall, humus-filled beds.

There is no such variety as "curly strawberries". And the popular "Gigantella" actually does not give a very large harvest, although it has large berries.

More recently, breeders have bred an unusual white strawberry. The berries of this variety are very aromatic, and the taste is a bit like pineapple. True, this variety did not cause much excitement and is not very popular now.

Strawberries are a combination of taste and health. It improves appetite, can quench thirst well, and normalizes bowel function. In order for your body to receive the full range of essential vitamins sufficient for the whole winter, you need to eat at least 5 kilograms of strawberries over the summer. And a self-grown berry will be doubly useful and pleasant.

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