When to plant a pumpkin correctly

Wondering when to plant a pumpkin correctly? Not all weather is suitable for planting. Pumpkin is a thermophilic plant, the temperature on the thermometer should be at least 20 degrees Celsius.

When choosing a place on the site, it is worth considering its features. Since the plant is thermophilic, then we set aside a place on the south side. Good predecessors are potatoes, onions, beets, peppers.

For a good harvest, take care of fertilizers. One square meter requires 6 - 8 kg of humus. But you can also take the path of least resistance. Put humus in each hole before planting. Its depth is 30 cm, 80% of humus and 20% of the earth.

Muscat pumpkin varieties are planted in seedlings. First, the seeds are soaked in an ash solution for 12 hours. Then they are taken out and planted flat in a pot to a depth of 6 cm. On the fifth day, the seeds will give the first shoots. Seedlings are planted in a permanent place of growth after a month.

Most often, pumpkins are planted directly into the ground. But for before planting, the seeds are prepared. The seeds are heated at a temperature of 40 degrees for 10 hours. Then they are soaked for 12 hours in an ash solution. When choosing a place to grow on the site, you must take into account the characteristics of the pumpkin. Since she is thermophilic, then give her the south side. And from the north, plant corn or curly beans. the distance between the rows is 1.5 meters, they are planted to a depth of 8 cm, before putting the seeds in the hole, it is watered. Place 3 to 4 seeds.

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