Planting garden nasturtium

Garden nasturtium is a perennial, but in the gardens of Russian gardeners it is grown as an annual plant. The size of nasturtiums of different varieties can be very different from each other, the length of the shoot varies from 20 cm to 3 meters.

Planting nasturtium seeds can be carried out before winter, but such plants bloom only by the end of summer and only for a few weeks.

To get fast growth and long flowering, planting nasturtium is carried out according to the following simple rules. It is best to sow already germinated seeds, and so that the root appears as soon as possible, the wrinkled shell is removed from the seeds and soaked in water. Immediately after the appearance of the root, the seeds are planted in boxes.

Planting young plants with two leaves is easiest to tolerate, adult nasturtiums can be sick, and their flowering will occur with a delay.

You can plant nasturtium directly into the ground. In this case, the seeds are placed in 2-3 pieces per hole, the distance between the holes is kept at 25-30 cm. The flower prefers poor soils, and only in this case will it delight with abundant flowering. Fertile soils with an excess of organic matter lead to leaf growth and low flowering.

The place under the flowerbed should be well lit, the lack of sun causes the shoots to stretch out with the simultaneous shrinking of the leaves.

It does not tolerate nasturtium and lack of moisture, juicy stems, leaves and a large number of shoots require abundant, regular watering. With proper care, nasturtium will delight with its flowering from June to the very frost.

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