Popular German potato varieties

At the moment, you can count a huge variety of potato varieties of different breeding and different countries of production. German potato varieties occupy their well-established niche, are loved by gardeners and farms, due to the fact that most varieties are resistant to diseases, give a high yield, have good taste and German quality.

Some popular German potato varieties

Adretta is a variety that until recently was considered the standard of taste, but after the last taste tastings it gave the “palm” to new varieties, it is still loved by gardeners because it gives a high yield, grows on any soil, reacts well to any fertilizers and has a good friend taste.

Agave is a medium-early, high-quality variety. Its tubers are resistant to various mechanical damage, looks good in packaging. Has a good taste, does not change color after cooking

Karatop is a table, very early ripening variety that gives a high yield, has a pleasant taste and is suitable for processing (mashed potatoes, dried potatoes, chips). Sufficiently resistant to potato nematodes and viruses, cancer, late blight.

Sprint is an early ripe potato variety, resistant to cancer and cyst nematode. The variety is also popular because of its good taste and the resistance of tubers to late blight.

Vitara - a potato variety bred on the basis of the popular Adretta, very tasty, with delicate pulp and has a high drought tolerance, can give a high yield even in an almost rainless season. A mid-early variety, the tubers of which are resistant to late blight and are well stored.

Rosara is the leader in the rate of yield accumulation, an early maturing, versatile variety that is well stored and gives very high yields. The variety is resistant to various fungal diseases, the height of the harvest practically does not depend on the whims of the weather, and the taste is only at a high level, does not boil during cooking. Ideal for fried potatoes and salads.

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