The main diseases of pepper seedlings

So that diseases of pepper seedlings do not develop, it is necessary to monitor the seedlings and perform the basic care actions: watering, fertilizing, stabbing, observing the correct temperature regime, applying ash.

The main diseases of pepper seedlings

1. Black leg. The disease appears when the temperature and water conditions are not observed, it is too warm and humid, or the temperature is too low. The root stalk is affected: it softens, becomes thinner and rots. The disease can affect seedlings of peppers and with too thick sowing. Struggle: correctly adjust the watering and temperature, the soil must be dried, carefully loosened and sprinkled with wood ash.

2. Withering. Seedlings begin to shed leaves, most often the causes are fungal diseases: sclerocinia, fusarium. Fight: the affected plants are destroyed, sprayed with a bacterial preparation.

3. Black bacterial spot. The stems, leaves from the moment of germination are affected, small specks of black color appear on the leaves, the stem, which gradually increase. The disease leads to the death of the plant. Fighting: destruction of affected seedlings, disinfection of the soil, use of proven seeds for seedlings.

4. Late blight. A fungal disease that affects stems and leaves appears as brown spots with a pale green area around them. Excessive humidity and cool temperatures lead to the development of the disease. Struggle: before sowing, the seeds must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, spray the plants with various infusions (garlic, onions), regulate the temperature, spray the plants with Brodsky liquid.

5. White rot. A fungal disease that develops in the root zone of the plant, covering it with fungal deposits and forming sclerotia inside the plant, due to which the plant does not receive nutrients. Fighting: maintaining the temperature regime, mulching the soil, removing the affected areas of the plant, treating the plant with crushed chalk or coal, using warm water when irrigating, disinfecting the soil.

6. Gray rot. Appears when the temperature regime and high humidity are not observed. Aerial parts of the plant are affected, weeping brown spots with a grayish bloom appear. Struggle: monitor the temperature, monitor the humidity, destroy the affected parts of the plant, airing, treat the plants with garlic infusion.

7. Viral diseases: streak, mosaic, appearing due to excessive humidity and poor lighting. Affected plants are destroyed, tools and soil are disinfected.

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