Diseases and pests of black currant

If you want to know what pests of black currant affect this shrub, then you can list them for a long time. The main thing is to know the basic preventive measures that will save you from many troubles associated with diseases.

Currant and its cultivation

So, the cultivation of currants and its preparation for the summer season begins in early spring. The shrub will benefit from a hot shower. But you need to arrange it only when the buds swell, and the first leaves do not appear.

The water must be heated to 70 degrees. It is necessary to pour it over the bushes from the watering can. This procedure contributes to the fact that currant pests, which are just beginning to show their first activity, immediately die. In addition, a hot shower has a positive effect on the further growth of the shrub.

Before growing currants, you need to deal with its most dangerous pests. For example, black currant is affected by the blackcurrant fruit sawfly, due to which the berries acquire a ribbed shape. To combat it, you need to constantly destroy infected berries. After flowering, the shrub is sprayed.

If pests and diseases are not so well known, then everyone needs to know the beneficial properties of currants. So, the use of black currant berries can be an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. They also help treat liver, kidney and respiratory tract diseases.

Therefore, be sure to include in your diet the berries of white, red and black currants, and harvest its leaves for the winter to prepare decoctions.

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