We disinfect white cabbage seeds before planting

It is good to disinfect the seeds of white cabbage before planting. Use a baby thermometer when heating. Then remove the seeds and immerse them in cold water for a minute. Only if the soil is infected with a keel, such disinfection will not save, additional processing will be required. Prepare a solution of nitrophoska, 1 teaspoon per liter of water. Put the seeds in the prepared solution for 10 hours.

Early seedlings do not always grow well. The thing is that it is susceptible to attacks by cabbage flies. To prevent this, pour it with karbofos solution. Desirable at the root. The procedure is performed twice, first when the cabbage takes root, then a week later.

For good growth, cabbage needs organic and mineral fertilizers. In the fall, fertilize the place in the garden with manure where you plan to plant cabbage. Fertilize compost in the spring and add a little drop. Do not forget to add potassium and phosphorus fertilizers to the soil in the spring. Cabbage is in great need of nitrogen; for early and middle varieties, two additional dressings are enough, and for late ones - four.

Early varieties should be fed for three weeks, and later ones less often. The last feeding of the early ones before the formation of heads of cabbage. And for late varieties - at the end of August.

It is good if the precursors of white cabbage are potatoes, cucumbers or cereals.

Good neighborhood for cabbage potatoes. Plant her around him. The tops of the potato release substances that scare away the whites and other pests.

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