How to produce cucumbers on a windowsill

The theme of the garden and growing cucumbers on the windowsill is the goal of many gardeners. Besides, gardening is not a hobby, but a way of life.

Consider the approximate structure of work

  • The garden on the windowsill is not a myth. Many people are engaged in such a thing as growing strawberries on the windowsill, and growing onions is quite simple. Cucumbers require more attention. But the time spent will be rewarded - after all, products grown on their own, without the use of toxic substances, are much safer than store ones;
  • Variety identification is a favorite pastime for many gardeners. It doesn't matter what to plant. The main thing is to enjoy freedom of choice. As you know, cucumbers can be greenhouse parthenocarpic (in other words, self-pollinated) varieties. More capricious are bee-pollinated cucumbers. But they are more useful and aesthetic;
  • Next, determine the planting point. Vegetables can be thermophilic - as is the case with cucumbers. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a window opening so that the window faces south, southwest, southeast is suitable. Do not forget that the window should be insulated to the maximum. Install a fluorescent lamp. This is especially important in the dark winter time.

How to plant

After choosing a place, you need to find a pot. We remember about drainage and the possibility of water draining. Add layers:

  • Humus and peat, in equal proportions;
  • Dilute every 5 kg of the mixture with a glass of wood ash, a tablespoon of ground chalk and a tablespoon of granulated superphosphate;
  • You can fill it up with ready-made plant soils.

The seeds are kept at a temperature of 30 degrees. After all, the cultivation of cucumbers on the balcony can be organized at any time of the year.

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