Jarl's potatoes and their cultivation

Jarl's potatoes are considered a very early productive variety, which is distinguished by its large tubers. As for the consumer qualities of this potato variety, it is characterized by a low dry matter content, and the fact that it does not boil during cooking.

Note that the Jarl potato variety is resistant to cancer, scab and viruses. After harvesting, the potatoes must be stored correctly, otherwise they may overgrow.

Potatoes and their cultivation

If you are interested in early potato varieties, then among them are Timo, Red Scarlet, Krepysh, Impala. They are relatively easy to grow, but it doesn't hurt to know the secrets of growing potatoes.

So, in the fall, it is necessary to add manure to the ground and dig up the site. Organic fertilizer is calculated based on 600 kg per one hundred square meters. With the onset of spring, the ground must be dug again. Having leveled it, it is necessary to make holes at a distance of 30 cm from each other.

If, before growing potatoes, you have not scattered manure in the fall, then in the spring they still need to fertilize the soil. Moreover, you will need about 300 kg per one hundred square meters. Ash is introduced in the same amount.

Sprouted potato tubers are laid out at a depth of 8 cm. After planting, the ground is leveled. Before the emergence of shoots, the soil is loosened again to remove the formed crust. After heavy rain and watering, the planting must be earthed.

It will not be superfluous to know potato diseases, which can be caused both by unfavorable environmental conditions and by pathogens (fungi and viruses).

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