How to grow raspberries to get a good harvest

Many owners of summer cottages are wondering how to grow raspberries in order to get a rich harvest? Veda is a very healthy and tasty berry. In addition to colds, raspberries are helpful in treating ailments such as anemia and gastrointestinal diseases, hypertension, and kidney disease.

How to grow bountiful raspberries

The best time to plant raspberry cuttings or seedlings is autumn or spring, while the buds have not yet awakened. Landing is most often done in furrows, but it is also possible in pits. A prerequisite is the placement of furrows not less than a meter from the borders of the neighboring area and from the walls of buildings.

Caring for raspberries is to always keep the soil loose. It is necessary to destroy unnecessary growth, weakening plants, and weeds. A significant increase in yield and an increase in the size of berries is achieved with good watering. Watering is carried out before flowering, before the start of ripening of berries and during ripening once or twice.

Fertilization should be done carefully and is best done after an agrochemical analysis of the soil has been obtained to identify nutrient deficiencies.

It is necessary to prepare the raspberry plant for wintering as follows: the bushes of winter-hardy varieties are tied together in 2, a stake is placed between them, to which these bushes are tied. Those plants that are less resistant to low temperatures are carefully bent to the ground, trying not to break them, and fixed with special hooks. After the snow falls, they need to be hilled. In winter, it is advisable to regularly break up the crust formed on the snow in order to provide oxygen to the plants.

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