Lavender, lavender application

If there is space in the garden, then it would be good to plant lavender. The plant will not only perfectly fit into any type of garden, will delight the eye with its evergreen greens and beautiful flowers, exude a pleasant aroma, but it will also be possible to use it.

The use of lavender is mainly concentrated in medicine and perfumery. Lavender inflorescences have anticonvulsant, diuretic and sedative effects, are a good raw material for essential oil, which has bactericidal and antiseptic properties and which is used for skin diseases, purulent wounds, burns, neurological disorders, and is also used in the perfumery and cosmetic industry.

Lavender flowers are used in folk medicine:

- in the fight against cardiovascular, neurological diseases, insomnia, melancholy;

- as a gastric remedy;

- as a remedy for worms;

- with kidney stone disease;

- with inflammation of the bladder;

- for baths for joint diseases;

- to create scented pillows.

The use of lavender is also possible in the everyday sense: a spice;

2. as a remedy against annoying insects (mosquitoes, mosquitoes, etc.);

3. as a means to help protect things from moth attacks;

4. as a means of aromatizing the room.

Growing lavender doesn’t require any major efforts:

- it needs to be planted, where there is a sun, it is picky about the soil;

- is supportive of non-excessive fertilization;

- it is better to plant in October-November;

- under the plant, loosen the soil and remove weeds;

- you need to collect during the flowering period: June-August.

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