How to plant a salad in the garden?

Some summer residents prefer not to plant salad in their garden, since they do not consider it necessary to grow this plant and spend time on it. Greenery lovers manage to grow some types of salad at home on the windowsill, as it is quite unpretentious and grows easily even in pots.

When choosing seeds, you should not purchase cold-resistant species, since they are not as tasty and green as their thermophilic relatives. The most popular is watercress, as it can be harvested within two weeks of planting. It also does not require a lot of sun, so it can be grown in containers at home. Many summer residents know how to plant a salad, so you can turn to them for advice.

If you wish, you can make seedlings at home in April, and plant them in the ground at the dacha in early May. But sometimes in such cases, damage to the root structure occurs and the plant begins to wilt. Therefore, it is better to plant it immediately in the ground. No special fertilizers are needed. You can use simple compost, which fertilizes the soil during spring digging. The predecessors should not be zucchini or salad, so the site must be selected in advance.

Any kind of salad needs daily watering and enough sun. Excess sun and dry ground can lead to rapid wilting, so it is best to choose slightly shaded areas of the vegetable garden for growing lettuce. On average, after 20-25 days, you can already pick the first crop, so you will be able to see the result of your work soon enough.

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