Garter tomato in a greenhouse

Growing tomatoes is familiar to everyone, because it is a very common vegetable in truck farming. Tying a tomato in a greenhouse is an essential procedure in tomato cultivation.

A greenhouse can help you grow a good crop if outdoor conditions do not allow it. The ridge should look like a spudded potato.

It is not advised to add humus to the furrow, as the result may result in very powerful bushes with few fruits. It is advised to feed it with a mullein.

Garter a tomato in a greenhouse, like pinching, is carried out in one step, and it is best to do this before watering. It is best to form a bush, leaving 2 stems each, leaving the stepson, which has grown from the leaf axils. To tie up the bushes along the greenhouse, you must either pull the wire or use the crossbeams, if available in the greenhouse.

The wire or whatever it is attached to must be placed directly above the bush. The wire is pulled over each row. For a garter, a fishing line or twine is used, on which loops are made every 10 cm. Hooks are inserted into the loops, which then, with the help of rubber rings, hold the stems of the bush.

It must be remembered that some mistakes can be made when growing a tomato, so you need to know them in order to avoid them. The temperature in greenhouses should not be lower than 16 degrees Celsius. Also, it should not be too hot - above 30 degrees. Lack of light also negatively affects the absence of ovaries.

If there is an uneven color of the fruit, then the temperature in the greenhouse may be too high, the tomatoes lack magnesium or potassium, which leads to the appearance of a green spot on the ripe fruit. The high concentration of nitrogen also negatively affects the fruit.

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