April cucumber: a brief description of the variety

The April cucumber belongs to hybrid early-ripening varieties: it begins to bear fruit approximately 45-55 days after the appearance of the first shoots. At the same time, it can be grown not only in seedlings, but also in a non-seedling way.

The fruits of this variety are quite large (the average length of ripe cucumbers ranges from 24 to 22 centimeters, and the weight reaches 200-250 grams), has a cylindrical shape and small white thorns. The main feature and undoubted advantage of the Aprelsky variety can be called a genetic predisposition to the complete absence of bitterness, which provided the hybrid with considerable popularity among gardeners.

It is also worth noting that the April cucumber is an extremely productive variety. So, with good care from one square meter (that is, approximately six to seven bushes) in one season, you can collect up to thirty kilograms of fruit. Another plus of this hybrid variety is a fairly high cold resistance and undemanding care. And, of course, one cannot fail to mention its excellent taste, thanks to which it is considered one of the best varieties for preparing various preserves and preparations for the winter, as well as fresh consumption.

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