New varieties of garden strawberries

Summer, you are a wonderful time filled with vitamins. And you eat fresh berries, fruits, vegetables and spin them in jars for the winter.

What a delicious strawberry and how beautiful it looks. New varieties of strawberries are periodically brought out by breeders, improving their quality.

New varieties of garden strawberries

The Albion variety bears fruit constantly. The most delicious and juicy berries are in July and August, when the fruits are saturated with the sun. The berries are symmetrical and pointed. Bright red in color and juicy. Paid enough. Can be grown for industrial purposes and in the garden.

The Chamora Turusi variety is resistant to pests. Large flowers hold large berries. This is one of the largest strawberries weighing up to 140 grams. The first harvest is large, the subsequent ones are not so large, weighing up to 70 grams. The color is bright red. Late-ripening variety and frost-resistant.

The Alba variety was bred by the Italians, it ripens early. The berries attract with their red color and sweet - sour taste.

The domestic variety Bohema is resistant to pests and tolerates frost well. Ripens late. The berries are sweet and red in color. They resemble a square in shape.

Late-ripening variety Vikat is winter-hardy. The berries are sweet and red. Suitable for home gardens, as it gives a little mustache. Very well transported. Berry mass 80 gr.

The French variety Daroyal is very sweet and tasty. Resistant to pests and tolerates winter well.

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