Planting family onions

Some vegetables have funny names because of their similarity to certain concepts or objects. For example, family shallots are called due to the fact that many onions grow from one onion and often their number in a bush reaches 10 pieces, and sometimes 20.

Family onions are planted in mid-April, when the bud is not even warmed up properly, but the onion enjoys communion with the sun on the longest light days of the year and feeds on melt water that has not yet left the soil after winter, which increases the yield of this type of onion.

Shallots are not afraid of freezing, grows without any problems, shoots tight. This type of onion is often used for salads and various dishes.

To use shallots on greens, planting family onions is carried out with an interval of about 10 cm between bulbs in rows and 20 cm between rows. In this case, every third onion-bush will be used as greenery. If the amateur gardener is more interested in the bulb itself, then the planting parameters are changed by 20 * 15 cm.

Caring for family onions is not whimsical at all and does not require special attention and special methods. Regular weeding, loosening of the soil and timely watering will delight you with a rich harvest. Collecting shallots is necessary when more than half of the feathers have already fallen. The onions are dug up, dried, and then the feathers are trimmed. The bulbs themselves should be stored in their growing nests, because it is not for nothing that they called it family, that it not only grows in bunches, but is also stored together with the family in which it grew.

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