Potato Symphony

One of the popular vegetable crops is potatoes. Thanks to the vigorous activity of breeders, more and more new varieties with improved characteristics appear every year.

Recently, many gardeners prefer Dutch potato varieties. Even in cold climates, potatoes are characterized by high yields.

Symphony is a variety of dining purposes. By ripening, it belongs to the mid-early varieties. The ripening period ranges from 90 to 110 days.

Medium-sized oval potato tubers with smooth red skin and small eyes. The flesh of the potato is light yellow, but during cooking it changes color to a lighter one.

Potato Symphony has excellent taste. The variety is ideal for boiling.

The value of the variety lies in the rather high dry matter content and plant resistance to many potato diseases. Not only tubers, but also potato leaves are resistant to late blight. Also Symphony is not afraid of the Y virus and scab. There is also a high resistance to the gold nematode. At the same time, potatoes are not susceptible to mechanical damage.

The cultivation of this potato variety is no different from the cultivation of other medium early Dutch varieties. With proper care, about 40 kg of harvest can be obtained from 2 kilograms of planted potatoes.

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