Raspberry-like berry

Raspberries have long been considered a very valuable berry. Due to the presence of a huge amount of vitamins, it saves from many ailments.


  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry (bristly) raspberry
  • Cloudberry
  • Princess
  • Mulberry
  • Mora
  • Strawberry spinach-raspberry
  • Loganberry

There are many different types of raspberries, differing not only in size and taste, but also in color. In nature, you can find red, black, yellow and even white raspberries. Because of this, many cannot distinguish raspberries from other berries.


Blackberries are a berry similar to raspberries. Inexperienced gardeners can sometimes confuse them, mistaking black raspberries for blackberries and vice versa.

Blackberries are similar to raspberries in the appearance of the bush and the structure of the berries. However, its fruits are larger and much darker in color. Blackberries may appear black, but in living plant nature there is no pronounced black color. The berries of this plant are deep purple in color, and therefore appear black.

Sometimes the yield of blackberries is amazing, much more fruit appears on the branches than green leaves. The berry, similar to raspberries, has a very pleasant fragrant aroma and sweet and sour taste. Blackberries are usually harvested in the early hours of sunrise. Once harvested, the blackberries must be eaten or processed as their fruits cannot be stored for long. Literally in a few hours, the berries become limp and are no longer suitable for consumption.

If the blackberries are immediately placed in the refrigerator, then the freshness of the berries can be preserved for up to 5 days.

Strawberry (bristly) raspberry

For our latitudes, strawberry raspberries are still a rarity. It is a lignified semi-shrub, which has fine-grained conical red berries on its fruit branches, which appear in September. The berries are very shiny, one might say glossy. Therefore, they are very popular with pastry chefs. They are good for decorating sweet pies, pastries and cakes. The height of the bush is 0.5 m. Propagated by layering, very aggressive in the garden.

Good for hedges as the branches are very thorny.


The second name is swamp guard or royal berry. Occurs in swampy areas, moss tundra. Bushes belong to small shrubs of small height - about 30 cm. Berries with a diameter of 1.5 cm, prefabricated drupes, amber color.

They are used in compotes, jams, liqueurs and soaked. Both fruits and leaves are widely used in folk medicine. Pushkin's favorite berry.


It is also called northern raspberry. The fruits are similar to raspberries and drupes. A relict biennial plant of the Ice Age, loving wetlands. This is an arctic plant rarely found in the middle lane.

The berries are very aromatic, the smell of which is comparable to the world's best vintage wines. The hybrids obtained by Finnish breeders from the common raspberry and the princess are called "nectar raspberry".


Another name is mulberry tree. The plant belongs to deciduous trees more than 10 m high. The berries are also prefabricated drupes of whitish (alba) or dark purple, almost black (nigra) color. The fruits are used for filling pies, wines, tinctures. Mulberry wood is highly valued, it is very durable and very popular among coopers and manufacturers of musical instruments.


Mora is a slightly sour purple or raspberry berry, very similar to raspberries. Large fruit shrub of the Andes foothills. This exotic fruit has a very pleasant smell and wonderful taste. Fruits of various shapes - large and small, round and oval.

Strawberry spinach-raspberry

A very unusual annual plant with large, fragrant berries. Spinach raspberry has another popular name - Marya is many-sided. The correct name is multifoliate spinach.

Spinach height - 0.5 m. Multifoliate spinach branches from the very bottom of the plant, has a spreading shape. A very beautiful plant. And since the berries do not crumble, and have a very long shelf life, such an exquisite decorative effect is very pleasant to many gardeners.

Fruits are juicy, sweet, large, elongated. Compound fruits, similar to raspberries, are attached at the base of the petioles. The yield is very high. The plant has edible not only fruits, but also leaves. They have medicinal properties. Multifoliate spinach is a cold-resistant plant that perfectly tolerates the aggression of spring frosts, so the seeds are boldly sown directly into the ground.


Another name is the Logan berry (loganberry). A hybrid of blackberries and raspberries, accidentally obtained by cross-pollination. The berries are elongated, impure reddish and black. Although the hybrid has a high yield, the fresh logan berry was not used. Well suited for jams and fruit wines.

There are several other types of berry bushes that resemble raspberries in appearance. But they grow in a different climate on the territory of other states.

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