Garlic care in spring

Garlic is the most common garden plant that can be found in a summer cottage. Garlic is a drug that can fight many microbes in the human body.

Caring for garlic in the spring does not require special measures. The cloves in the bulb are formed at a temperature of + 5-10 degrees, and ripen already at 20-25 ° C.

During the period of its growth, garlic is picky about moisture, there are three such periods:

1. Water the spring and wintering garlic about two weeks after planting.
2. During the period of regrowth of wintering garlic (watering for 2-3 weeks)
3. When forming cloves and arrows in some varieties.

Caring for garlic in spring begins with feeding the plant until the ground thaws. To do this, you can use urea 7-10 grams or ammonium nitrate 10-15 grams per 1 square meter. The same procedure is repeated in the second half of May, when the first teeth begin to form. During this period, the dosage of plant nutrition is increased.

During the growth of the garlic, weed beds are weeded and watered as the soil dries up. If you do not have time to travel often to the country, then the garlic can be watered less often if the soil around it is loosened and sprinkled with sawdust.

Before harvesting, about 2-3 weeks in advance, it is recommended to stop watering the garlic.
In order for the garlic to be born large, it is necessary to break out the plant in the summer at a height of 12-15 cm from the topmost leaf.

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