Planting blackberries in spring

Blackberry is a very high-yielding plant, and its fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. their storage period does not exceed several days.

The best time to plant blackberries is in spring. Planting blackberries in the spring should be done rather early, before the plant begins to bloom its leaves. Blackberry bushes are placed approximately every two meters, while the plant must be planted no deeper than half a meter deep into the depths. After planting, the plant can be pruned to 25-30 cm. Blackberries are also pruned annually in early spring.

There is no need to care for the blackberry very scrupulously, it is quite hardy, but it loves moisture and light. Therefore, it is better to place plant bushes on the southeastern side near a fence or fence, and during active growth and formation of fruits, water it with a lack of natural moisture. In addition, in its care it is necessary to weed it from weeds, as well as loosen the ground, especially in the first year after planting blackberries in the spring. It is advisable to tie up the grown blackberry and put it in support.

Blackberries are quite hardy in relation to cold weather. Therefore, there is no need to sprinkle it with sawdust or snow in winter. But at the end of autumn, it is advisable to carry out sub-winter water-charging irrigation.

Fertilization of blackberries is carried out in the third year after planting twice a year - in spring and autumn, and with poor growth and development of the bushes, you can feed it with bird droppings in early June.

Watch the video: Blackberry Pruning with Gina Fernandez, NC State Extension Small Fruits Specialists (October 2021).