Strawberry transplant and cultivation

The transplant of garden strawberries should be carried out once every 4 years. The best time for this is September, since it is not hot outside, and the plant will have time to take root before the onset of the first frost.

When transplanting strawberries, make sure that the "heart" of the bush is not covered with earth. Otherwise, the strawberries may die.

Strawberries and their cultivation

Strawberries, the beneficial properties of which are known to few, contain vitamin C, iron and folic acid. Its juice from fresh leaves should be drunk by those people who have weak immunity. And strawberry infusion is the best way to fight colds, respiratory diseases.

Before growing strawberries, you need to take care of the soil. Although, by and large, it grows everywhere, except for wetlands and dry sands. The soil should be nutritious, light, moist and breathable.

Strawberry propagation is carried out using planting material, which is represented by young rooted bushes grown on the antennae of the mother bushes.

But you need to harvest seedlings only from high-yielding plants that are 2-3 years old. Such young bushes develop much better and give a higher yield.

Seed propagation of strawberries is only suitable for remontant varieties. If, however, to grow garden strawberries, then it loses the characteristics of the mother plant.

As you can see, the cultivation of strawberries has a number of nuances, without the knowledge of which a novice gardener cannot do.

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