Technology of growing garlic of winter varieties

Garlic began conquering the hearts of gourmets over 3000 years ago. In principle, the technology of growing garlic of winter and spring varieties differs mainly in the sowing time.

Preparing the beds
It is most convenient to grow garlic in narrow beds. It is better to plan planting in the place where zucchini, cucumbers or early cabbage were grown last season. When preparing the beds, it is necessary to add lime or ash, since garlic does not like the increased acidity of the soil.
In addition, you need to fertilize the ground with humus and mineral fertilizers: 1 m² bucket of humus, 10 g of potassium, 8 g of phosphorus.

Landing time
It is necessary to plant winter garlic, depending on the weather, in the second half of September - in the first half of October, so that before the onset of cold weather the chives take root and form a good root system that penetrates to a depth of about 10 cm, but does not germinate. The technology for growing winter varieties of garlic assumes a planting depth of approximately 5 cm from the surface. It is advisable to leave a gap of 10 cm between the plants.

Little secret
If you position the edge of the clove with a north-south orientation, then the leaves of the plant will be able to receive maximum spring sunlight. This technique will increase yields and make it easier to care for plants.

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