Planting cucumber seedlings in open ground

Planting of seedlings of cucumbers in the ground should be carried out only when 2-3 true well-developed leaves appear. Before planting, the soil must be well moistened, and holes must be made in the center of the bed.

Cucumbers and their cultivation

It is worth noting that the seedling method of growing cucumbers gives the earliest harvest, provided that a temporary shelter is installed. After all, you need to try to protect the fragile young plant from possible frosts as much as possible.

The optimal period for planting seedlings is the third decade of May. But even at this time, you still need to take care of additional protection of the cucumbers. It is advisable to install wooden or wire arches above the seedlings, and cover them with a special film on top.

As soon as the threat of night frosts has passed, the secondary shelter is removed, and the cultivation of cucumbers on the trellis can begin.

Growing cucumbers in the open field includes the following care: regular watering, plant formation, weed removal and loosening of the soil.

Depending on the variety of cucumbers, the distance between the seedlings should be from 30 to 40 cm.

As for watering, it should be most abundant and frequent in hot weather. In addition, it must be increased during the beginning of flowering and fruit setting. By the way, cucumber seedlings are watered only with warm water. Consider the lack of bitterness in this vegetable depends on proper watering. Therefore, take this issue seriously.

Thus, growing cucumbers is a painstaking and laborious job. But, knowing the characteristics of each variety, you will get a good harvest.

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