Planting cucumbers in a barrel: practical, convenient, effective

Amateur gardeners and gardeners are trying to use the available summer cottages with maximum benefit. That is why many people use such a method as planting cucumbers in a barrel.

This method of growing sounds strange, of course. But in fact, this way to get a decent harvest of these tasty and healthy vegetables is very, very convenient.

For the cultivation of cucumbers, steel or plastic barrels are used. They are filled with removed weeds, vegetable peels (when cooking), and manure. By the way, it is very convenient to put undoped manure in such barrels - it will not take up any space on the site and will grind it together with the grass into a saturated fertilizer. It should be noted that the mass with which the barrel will be filled will shrink over time. Therefore, the barrel will have to be filled within two months, just from March to May. Before planting in a barrel, supplement with a layer of 15-20 cm a good fertile light soil suitable for planting cucumber seedlings.

Seedlings of cucumbers should be planted at a distance of 15 cm from each other. In order to protect the seedlings from rain and possible frost, arcs are installed above the barrel, on which the film is fixed. Do not pull the film directly onto the barrel, as it can fill with water after rain and break fragile plants. In addition, this way the plants will not only be protected from rain, but also from frost.

The harvest from one barrel of cucumbers is the same as from a three-meter garden.

Try this method - planting cucumbers in a barrel, perhaps this is how you will grow cucumbers all the time.

Good luck!

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