Tomato varieties for open ground

Tomatoes are the most common and popular crop among gardeners. Tomato varieties for open ground can be represented by several of them.

Variety Waterfall is an early tomato variety. It is grown under film shelters. The height of k4usat can reach a meter. Tomatoes are very small, not much larger than grapes, smooth and glossy. Fruiting of this variety occurs 100-105 days after germination. This variety reacts very sharply to tomato diseases, so it needs special care in compliance with all the rules.

The Kostroma variety belongs to the varieties with a medium early ripening period. Fruiting of these tomatoes occurs 110 days after germination. The plant is mid-season. The fruits of this variety of tomatoes are evenly colored, smooth, weighing an average of 125 grams. This hybrid is a high-yielding hybrid that is nutritionally demanding and very resistant to many tomato diseases.

The Druzhok variety is classified as early maturing, the height of these tomatoes can reach 60-70 cm. This is a very productive variety, therefore it is very good to grow in the open field. The fruits are bright red in color, the weight of the fruit reaches 80-90 grams.

Tomato varieties for open ground are distinguished by their diversity, since the varieties presented are a small fraction of the number of all varieties. Each variety differs as it ripens, the shape and size of the fruit.

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