Growing onions from seeds (seedless method)

Growing onions from seeds is quite laborious and requires a lot of patience and effort. Onions like to grow after pumpkin crops, tomatoes or potatoes.

In order to get onion shoots as quickly as possible, the bed is pre-heated, covered with plastic wrap. After that, humus is applied to the site, the earth is dug up and weeds are removed. The soil for the seeds must be thoroughly loosened so that there are no large clods of earth that prevent the onion from sprouting.

Before planting, onion seeds should be placed in water or aloe juice for 12 hours, this stimulates growth and promotes the emergence of earlier shoots. Seeds are sown in rows at a distance of 35 - 40 cm between them, the sowing depth is no more than 1 - 2 cm, the interval between seeds is 0.5 - 1 cm. The first shoots of onions should appear in 15 - 25 days.

After the appearance of full-fledged leaves, the onion is burst so that the distance between the plants is 4 -5 cm. During the period of bulb formation, potash and phosphorus fertilizers are applied to the site. In the future, caring for onions is reduced to systematic watering (which is stopped 25 days before harvesting), weeding (the presence of weeds reduces the crop yield by a third) and loosening the soil.

Growing onions from seeds has its own advantages, and the most important is a large selection of varieties and the best quality of the crop.

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