How to plant currants

Currant is a relatively unpretentious plant, it can bear fruit perfectly both in the northern regions of our homeland, and in the middle lane, and even more so in the south.

Still, the middle stripe is the most favorable for currants. In these regions, currants are usually planted in the fall, from late September to early October. You can plant in early spring, but you need to do this as early as possible, until the buds bloom on the bushes.

How to plant currants to get a good harvest quickly? To do this, you need to stock up on patience and knowledge. In order for the bushes to develop well and delight the gardener with fruits, you do not need to plant the plants too close to each other, a distance of 2 meters is considered optimal, in this case the bushes quickly gain strength and power, are well lit and are less susceptible to various diseases.

Currant seedlings can be bought both with bare roots and in pots. Experienced agronomists know how to plant currants, for this you need to prepare a place for planting in advance, put humus or manure on the bottom of a pre-prepared planting pit, and compost mixed with 100 grams of superphosphate and earth is also suitable.

Planting currants includes:

· Correct plant penetration, the seedling neck is deepened by 5 cm;

· Soil compaction after planting;

· Abundant watering and mulching with humus;

· Pruning the seedling after planting, only 2 buds should remain above the ground.

There is no need to spare the seedlings, because correct pruning guarantees the development of a strong root system and a healthy bush, which in the future will give a rich harvest to its owner.

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