How to store potatoes

My friends in Belarus have learned how to store potatoes in the basement in the most amazing way: they pour boiling water over the tubers before storing them. But starch curls up, turns into jelly, which will inevitably lead to decay.

There is a way to store tubers. But it is quite laborious and requires special care. You are right: the main thing is not to boil the tubers! To begin with, they need to be thoroughly washed, and then, placing them in a grid, for exactly 4 seconds, they are immersed in boiling water and immediately spread in a cool room in one layer on paper or burlap to dry.

Such potatoes are largely free of pathogenic microorganisms and, indeed, lie better. In addition, it hardly germinates.

Therefore, do not experiment with seed tubers. And let me ask myself a question: how many potatoes can you process like this? If you collect half a ton, then I can sympathize with you.

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