Treatment of potato seeds before planting

The belated spring has finally begun! With the advent of the sun, the snow melts very, very quickly, so the time has come for gardeners to actively start the sowing campaign this year in order to get the harvest on their personal plots on time.

Mid-April is the best time to prepare for sowing potatoes. Many people prefer to grow it on their plots, because their own potatoes are always tasty, crumbly! Therefore, today we will talk about how potato seeds are processed before planting, which allows you to get a rich harvest and excellent taste.

After the fall harvest, of course, you have selected the best seeds from the potato bushes. Now it is necessary to move the selected tubers from the basement, cellar or other cold storage place to a well-lit place with a temperature of 15-20 degrees in order for the vernalization process to begin, i.e. germination of potato buds.

After about a week, when the potato tubers have awakened and warmed up, they should be treated with solutions of mineral fertilizers. It is good to use melt water to prepare the solution, since there is still a lot of snow outside the city. Superphosphate is bred in it with the addition of copper sulfate, potassium permanganate, urea. Treatment of potato seeds will go faster if the tubers are placed in a net and dipped in a mixed disinfectant-nutrient solution for a few minutes. Such processing will speed up the emergence of seedlings for a period of about 5 days.

The fertilized tubers should then be placed back in a well-lit room, but not in direct sunlight. Spray the seed at least once a week with warm water to keep the potatoes from losing moisture, and flip from barrel to barrel.

When the weather becomes steadily warm, then we can already plant our potatoes. I advise you to wait for such weather conditions when the soil is warmed up to 8-10 degrees. This will ensure quick germination and will not allow the newly planted material to freeze.

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