Tomatoes on the windowsill - a miracle at home

Growing indoor plants is the lot of green pet lovers. For example, tomatoes on the windowsill are no longer exotic.

Even a novice lover of indoor vegetables can grow tomatoes at home.Only a few basic rules should be adhered to:

  • choose an indoor variety for growing. There are a lot of such varieties of tomatoes now, so you should choose, after reading the information on the label, exactly what you need
  • tomatoes on the windowsill can be grown in seedlings in the same way as tomatoes for a greenhouse or open ground
  • tomatoes love sunlight and air. Therefore, they need to be placed on the sunny side, covering from direct sunlight. if the daylight hours are short, then additional lighting with fluorescent lamps should be installed for tomatoes on the windowsill. You also need to regularly ventilate the room where your green pets grow.
  • if the variety of tomatoes you have chosen needs pollination, which is carried out on the street by insects, then this particular moment in the life of your green pets should be given special attention. You can pollinate tomatoes with an ordinary children's paint brush, transferring pollen from one plant to another.
  • tomatoes on the windowsill can and should be left to ripen on the branches, without ripping off for ripening. After all, bright fruits, which, moreover, have different colors, will serve as an additional decoration for the interior and will raise you and your household mood

You need to believe in yourself and give your green pets a little attention so that they will thank you not only with beauty, but also with delicious juicy fruits.

Good luck!

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