Potatoes Karaton

Potatoes are valuable agricultural crops. The modern market is overflowing with many different varieties of potatoes, differing in terms of ripening, tuber size, yield, taste, starch content and disease resistance.

One of the early ripening table varieties is the Karaton potato. On the territory of Russia, it is actively grown in the Middle Volga and North-West regions.

The potato bush is medium in size and semi-erect or spreading. It blooms with white flowers. Potato tubers are medium in size, oval-round in shape. The weight of one tuber ranges from 60 to 110 grams. Potatoes Karaton are characterized by a yellow peel and small eyes. The flesh of the potato is light yellow.

Possessing excellent taste, this variety contains about 11 - 14% starch. The yield of Karaton can be from 200 to 340 centners per hectare. It all depends on the growing conditions and proper care. Potato keeping quality is quite high, about 98%. At the same time, the marketability of the variety ranges from 75 to 93%.

Potatoes Karaton are highly resistant to potato nematodes, leaf-rolling viruses "A" and "U" and cancer. The disadvantage of this variety is its weak resistance to late blight.

Karaton's value also lies in its versatility for recycling. It is suitable not only for making mashed potatoes, but also for chips and drying.

Compared to other early varieties of potatoes, Karaton has good characteristics.

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