Cherry plum

Some time ago, cherry plum, also known as Russian plum, was considered a southern wild plant. At the same time, varieties were bred that can be grown in the northern regions.

Almost all varieties of cherry plum are distinguished by high stable yields. Cherry plum is also drought-resistant. Another advantage of this plant is its resistance to various pests and many diseases. The fruits of most varieties of cherry plum perfectly tolerate transportation, which is important for the market value of this fruit.

Among the wide variety of varieties, the royal cherry plum stands out. Despite the average size of the fruits, their taste and appearance really live up to the name. This variety was bred at the Moscow Agricultural Academy. KA Timiryazeva from the Kuban comet variety by free pollination.

Tsar's cherry plum tree of medium growth with a flat-round crown. As a rule, the tree does not bear fruit in the first year after planting. The harvest can only be expected in the second year. At the same time, the tree bears fruits of medium size, the weight of one cherry plum is about 20 grams. The yellow rind of the fruit is characterized by a slight waxy bloom. The flesh of the fruit is also yellow.

Tsar's cherry plum gives a high yield and is resistant to severe frosts. The value of the variety also lies in the excellent taste of the fruit.

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