It is interesting and easy to grow cucumbers on the window

Growing cucumbers indoors is a rather fun and not very difficult process. Being shade-tolerant plants, cucumbers on the window feel pretty good, actively bloom and bear fruit to the delight of the owners.

In order to grow a good harvest of cucumbers, you need to know some secrets of their cultivation.

  • First, maximum illumination: containers with plants should not be placed on the north side - the plants will be weak and stretch upwards.
  • When buying seeds, it is best to take shade-tolerant self-pollinated hybrids. They calmly tolerate the lack of sunlight, sharp temperature fluctuations, and low air humidity in the apartment. Hybrid plants have more female-type flowers and are more productive.
  • For planting on the windowsill, F1 hybrids will be quite suitable: Legend, Claudia, Tatiana, Seryozha. I grew the Marindu variety for a couple of years - an excellent result, 2-3 crispy cucumbers were picked from two bushes every morning for breakfast, the average fruit size is up to 15 cm.
  • From larger varieties, you can grow Zozulya, Ragtime, Babylon, the fruits on these varieties grow much faster, their sizes reach 25 cm.
  • When growing cucumbers on a window or on a balcony in the summer, you can use light-loving varieties: Mazai, Amur 1801, Stella, Boy with a finger. I took varieties Pasadena F1, Pasamonte F1 for growing in the summer, the fruits are small, gherkins, very dense and tasty both in salad and lightly salted.

When to sow cucumbers? If you do not plan to illuminate with helium or fluorescent lamps, then in the last days of February. For the normal development of the plant, it is enough to plant it in pots (you can pots or a bucket) with a volume of 5 liters.

It is better to buy land ready-made, or mix garden land with peat, sawdust. Be sure to add mineral fertilizers: potash, phosphorus and nitrogen, a little wood ash - it will reduce the acidity of the soil.

The temperature in the room should be high enough - best of all - 20-22 degrees.

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