Purple potatoes - what kind of fruit is it?

Purple potato varieties include those that have an intense color not only of the peel, but also of the pulp. Today this type of potato is considered a delicacy.


  • The healing properties of purple potatoes
  • Care for purple potatoes
  • The principles of obtaining varieties by domestic breeders

Recently, in the work of breeders around the world, active research has begun on the creation of new dietary varieties of potatoes. The action of new species should be aimed at improving human well-being and its beneficial effect on the body as a whole. A special feature of this type of potato is the color of the tubers, not only external, but also internal: purple, blue, pink, red.

The healing properties of purple potatoes

The work of breeders in this industry is making good headway. According to them, colored or purple potatoes have a number of positive factors affecting the human body. For example, potatoes cooked in any available way will significantly lower blood pressure. In this aspect, scientists have put forward restrictions on the consumption of colored potatoes for persons suffering from hypotension.

As a result of systematic experiments, many positive properties of new potato varieties have been revealed. The main ones are:

  1. The presence of a large amount of antioxidants, due to which the aging process slows down;
  2. The presence of a vitamin complex, which is based on vitamins C, E and a number of carotenoids;
  3. The bright color of the pulp of the tubers is not the result of genetic engineering, but has the natural color of the pigment obtained as a result of crossing wild African and equatorial varieties.

The work of domestic researchers in this area over the past seven years has also been crowned with a positive result. Clinical studies have shown that daily consumption of purple (as well as red, blue, orange or pink) potatoes leads to the following positive factors:

  • Vision improves;
  • There is a strengthening of the walls of blood vessels;
  • The risk of developing atherosclerosis is sharply reduced;
  • A relative decrease in the level of development of some types of cancer.

The work of breeders in this direction continues today. Unexpected conclusions were made in the light of recent research on hybrids of domestic and foreign varieties of purple and blue potatoes. It turned out that the tuber of the hybrid absorbs harmful nitrates and nitrites three times less, while maintaining the starch level. And the content of vitamin C in two tubers is equal to its content in one lemon.

Care for purple potatoes

Some varieties of purple potatoes are already in circulation in the CIS. But these varieties are much more whimsical and need more care than regular potato varieties.

Purple potatoes are very susceptible to the pathogenic effects of scab and often suffer from leaf blight. The Colorado potato beetle primarily eats purple potato plantings, despite the high degree of pest control. The most unpleasant fact remains that during "eye" reproduction, the potato tuber stubbornly becomes smaller, turning into a wild form.

The principles of obtaining varieties by domestic breeders

Interspecific hybrids were used to obtain new domestic varieties of purple potatoes. The source material for them was the maternal forms of South American cultivated potato species and domestic breeding varieties: Santarka, Exotic and Tiras. The classical method of sexual hybridization was applied, as a result of which varieties with varying degrees of intensity of pulp color were obtained: from dark purple to pale pink. There are about 120 samples obtained in breeding work. This amount is very promising for obtaining fixed varieties with colored pulp.

Only 30% of all known potato species are involved in the selection process. This is a rich material on the basis of which breeders are trying to obtain varietal forms of potatoes that are resistant to pests and diseases, without the use of genetic engineering.

In conclusion, I would like to say that purple potatoes are quite unpretentious in cooking and are heat treated along with traditional varieties. The color qualities of purple potatoes are not lost when cooked in salt water. For salads, potatoes are boiled in their skins. An original dish looks like pink or blue mashed potatoes, as well as various types of pancakes, french fries and chips. Taste qualities of regular potatoes and purple are slightly different, in multi-colored potatoes there is a nutty flavor.

We hope that soon colored potatoes will move out of the “delicacy” category and become generally available to any category of consumer.

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