Tomato Nikola - features of the variety

Tomato Nikola is one of the best mid-early varieties bred by Altai breeders for open ground. Stealing is not required.

The period during which Nikola's tomato ripens lasts 106 days. A good, slightly sour taste and unpretentious care makes the variety quite common among gardeners.

Tips for growing a tomato Nikola

  • The ideal time for planting seedlings is in the afternoon. This is especially important on hot, sunny days.
  • To accelerate the formation of ovaries and ripening of fruits, foliar dressings are used. The solution is applied with a fine spray to the surface of the plants. A boric acid solution, superphosphate extract, is suitable for this purpose.
  • When removing stepsons, it is necessary to leave "stumps" 1 centimeter long. This prevents the rapid formation of a young shoot in this place.
  • To improve ventilation, the lower leaves are removed at intervals of 1-2 per week. If you carry out this procedure in the morning, the wound will dry out faster.
  • Traditional methods will help speed up the ripening of tomatoes. The most popular are the turning of the fruits towards the sun (the brushes are placed on the stem for better illumination) and the restriction of plant nutrition (a through longitudinal incision is made on the stem of 5-6 cm in length, keeping a distance of 12-13 cm from the soil and expanding by inserting a stick).

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