Tomatoes on the windowsill: care features

At a time when apartment residents only dream of their own garden and vegetable garden, many have created a summer cottage plot on a balcony or windowsill for vegetables and fruits. You can grow different crops in the apartment: citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes and others.

Now let's talk about how to grow tomatoes on the windowsill. If you decide to take such a step, then first of all decide on a place for a vegetable. Tomatoes are light-loving plants, so it is recommended to set the southern windows "under the garden", on the northern ones they will need additional lighting. Insufficient clarification usually results in no flowering and thus no fruit.

  • Low-growing varieties of tomatoes are perfect for the windowsill: "Volovye's ear", "Pink angel", "Renet" (very early varieties), "Yamal", etc.

In early February, tomato seeds are sown for seedlings. In the role of containers, ordinary flower pots are used, into which a special soil mixture is poured. Containers with tomato seeds are placed in a warm place; for the full emergence of seedlings, a temperature of over 20 degrees is needed. When the seedlings germinate, the temperature is lowered, the tomatoes are placed on the windowsill.

After the appearance of the first leaves, the seedlings are dived, the strongest seedlings are placed in flower pots (one at a time) or in containers (2-4 pieces each). Tomatoes prefer direct watering, under the root. For this, plastic bottles are used, they are placed upside down in the soil and so they are moistened. Top dressing of tomatoes should be carried out every two weeks, the best fertilizer is nitrophoska (5 g is diluted in a liter of water).

With proper care, the tomatoes on the windowsill give a good harvest. Up to 3 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from one bush.

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