How to sow cucumbers correctly?

If you are interested in how to sow cucumbers, then start by choosing a box. After you compact the soil a little, you need to cover it with a film so that the earth warms up in this way.

After three days, you can start planting cucumbers. Now cover the seedlings again for a few days.

Do not forget to open the film and check if the cucumber seedlings need watering. On a sunny day, you can lift the polyethylene for ventilation.

Cucumbers and their cultivation

As for placing cucumbers in open ground, then you need to take this seriously and remember a few nuances.

Growing cucumbers in the open field:

  • you can transplant seedlings only after one real leaf appears
  • choose sunny places for planting
  • the soil should be well warmed up and drained
  • cucumbers love tall beds
  • cover the plant with plastic wrap after planting
  • with organic mulch, cucumbers can only be covered after the ground warms up to 20 degrees

It is believed that the main enemy of the cucumber is the stress that it experiences from a lack of moisture and damage by pests. The plant should be watered abundantly, especially during the period of fruiting and flowering.

Do not start growing cucumbers outdoors until there is a threat of frost and the soil warms up to 15 degrees.

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