How to grow onions from seeds

Onions are an essential ingredient in many dishes. Therefore, in summer cottages, this culture is quite common.

Many summer residents are accustomed to growing onions from sets or nigella, without even having an idea of ​​how to grow onions from seeds. But modern technologies make it possible to do this, but in compliance with the necessary number of requirements.

Onion seedbed preparation should begin after early harvest. It is necessary to enrich the soil with fertilizers. Mustard is believed to be an excellent fertilizer for onions. It must be sown at the beginning of August, and in October, mixed with soil and watered with an EM preparation.

Onions require good soil cultivation. Then it is necessary to prepare grooves up to three centimeters deep and treat them with a very weak solution of potassium permanganate. When sowing seeds, it is strongly recommended to maintain a distance of about five centimeters between them. Fill the grooves with a mixture of humus and sand. This composition helps to prevent the appearance of a crust on the soil.

As soon as the onion rises, it must be thinned out, increasing the distance between green shoots to ten centimeters.

The first shoots of onions need intensive watering, after which it is recommended to carry out loosening, which provides oxygen to the plant.

A convenient method of watering during onion growth is drip irrigation. Watering should be stopped about three weeks before the onion is harvested.

The main secret of how to grow onions from seeds is soil enriched with fertilizers and high-quality watering.

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