Planting, care and how to fertilize tomatoes

Tomatoes are a popular, healthy and delicious vegetable. It can often be seen on a personal plot, even where the owners prefer to grow a lawn and flowers, tomatoes will be planted in a small garden.

It is not difficult to grow tomatoes, but you need to know a few points: when and how to plant them, how to fertilize tomatoes, how to care for them so that the harvest is large and the tomatoes are tasty.

Planting, care, watering

At the site of the tomato planting, the soil must be prepared in the fall: add garden compost, ash, eggshells. It is better to grow tomatoes through seedlings, that is, in early spring to plant seeds at home, and to plant grown seedlings in the ground. Before planting a tomato, you need to warm up the beds, it is worth planting when there is already an established positive temperature, install props.

Tomatoes must be pinched (that is, pinched off the side shoots), if the variety and the environment (middle and verified latitudes) require it, then remove the lower leaves to the ovary, if the tomatoes grow in a hot strip, then you do not need to remove the leaves like that. The soil should be monitored so that it does not dry out and is not too wet, remove weeds. When watering tomatoes, try to prevent water from getting on the leaves, fruits and trunk, as this can cause the appearance of fungal diseases, the best watering is drip.

Diseases, pests, what to do and how to fertilize tomatoes

Tomatoes are susceptible to various diseases and can be attacked by various pests. The most common diseases: fungal infections, late blight, apical rot, brown spot, tobacco mosaic.

Therefore it follows:

- use seeds that are resistant to disease;

- change the place of tomato planting every year;

- destroy infected tomatoes;

- do not plant tomatoes next to potatoes;

- weed the beds;

- work (pruning, pinching, shaping) is possible only with dry plants;

- if it is possible to use greenhouses.

The main pests of tomatoes: snails, slugs, caterpillars, Colorado potato beetle, ticks, thrips, wood lice. Each pest and each disease has its own way of fighting; there are various remedies on the market for protecting tomatoes.

For a good tasty harvest, tomatoes need to be fertilized. From the beginning of the picking of seedlings to the very flowering, feed the tomatoes with mineral fertilizers, and when fruits appear, feed them with potash fertilizers. It will be correct to apply granular fertilizers of a long-acting effect, which must be mixed with the soil before planting the seedlings, and after the berries are set, apply special fertilizers for tomatoes, for example: seaweed extract.

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