Gray rot of pepper, description, methods of prevention, treatment

Gray rot can affect a variety of plants, including agricultural ones: grapes, tomatoes, bell peppers and hot chili. The causative agent of the disease is the fungus Botrytis cinerea.


  • Where and how does plant damage occur?
  • Disease prevention and treatment

Where and how does plant damage occur?

In order for an infection to occur, it is necessary to have damaged areas on the plant, a significant role is played by drops of moisture deposited on the stems and leaves.

Peppers grown in greenhouses suffer more from gray rot.

The disease can affect all parts of the bushes, including: stems, leaves, fruits, flowers. At the same time, the root system remains intact.

First, peppers with reduced immunity, weakened ones, fall ill.

The first manifestations of the disease:

  • yellowing of the lower aging leaves;
  • the formation of dry spots of light brown color on the stems;
  • lesion of the peduncle;
  • a gray spot appears on the surface of the fruit, which quickly spreads over the entire pod;
  • it acquires a watery consistency, becomes covered with a gray fluffy bloom;
  • the whole plant is covered with a fluffy gray mold.

The spread of the disease occurs at an accelerated rate at an air temperature above + 20 C.

Symptoms by which the disease can be recognized: characteristic spots on the leaves, stems, fruits, which have a gray or dark gray color.

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Disease prevention and treatment

To avoid gray mold damage to peppers, the following growing conditions are recommended:

  • thickening of the landings should not be allowed;
  • all affected plant parts should be promptly removed, removed from the beds and burned;
  • the affected areas of the stem should be lubricated with a mixture of lime and fungicide Rovral (1: 1), powdered charcoal or ash;
  • all treated plants, and at the same time those that are located with them in the garden, should be treated with fungicides.

Spraying with Fitosporin gives good results.

It is important to pickle the topsoil before planting seedlings; it is also recommended to process the seeds before sowing.

In conditions of greenhouses, it is necessary to arrange high-quality ventilation; too much humidification of the air should not be allowed.

A particularly dangerous period is the time of lingering summer rains.

Experienced vegetable growers, when symptoms of gray rot are detected, practice pickling the basal circles of pepper with wood ash.

But it will be possible to get a positive result only if the disease is detected at the initial stage. In case of severe lesions, it is better to remove the bush completely.

The most effective preparations for combating gray rot of pepper:

  • Previkur,
  • Trichodermin,
  • Teldor and Gamair,
  • Topsin M and Fundazol.

Timely preventive measures will help to avoid the defeat of bell peppers with gray rot, they are almost the same for all vegetable crops of the Solanaceae family.

Let's watch a useful video on the prevention of gray rot on nightshades:

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