Ampel plants for the garden, description, varieties and features, the principle of care

Ampel plants for the garden are very popular, recently they are often used to create stylish design projects.

Such plants will perfectly decorate not only gardens, but also summer cottages, balconies, an entrance to a house, windows and even a wall of a house. To create an unusual landscaping option, you need to know some of the subtleties of choosing colors.


  • Ampel plants for the garden, their features, photos, names of popular
  • Benefits of vertical garden landscaping
  • Shade-loving ampelous flowers
  • Fast growing ampelous plants
  • Drought-resistant flowers for pots
  • The best flowers for pots in the garden
  • Features of caring for ampelous plants
  • How ampelous and cascading flowers are used in garden design

Ampel plants for the garden, their features, photos, names of popular

The word "Ampel" is translated from German as a hanging flower vase.

Gardeners distinguish several types, for easy study we will present them in the form of Table 1.

Type of ampelousa brief description of
ClimbingThere are antennae on the stems, with the help of which they cling to a nearby structure, and grow up
CurlyQuickly spirally wrapped around any support.
CreepingGrow and weave on the ground
Multi-outletThe flower has many new buds at the same time and looks magnificent and rich.

Ampel plants are divided into five classes:

  • herbaceous;
  • succulents;
  • decorative deciduous;
  • semi-shrub;
  • blooming.

The following varieties stand out among the popular:

  • Surfinia.
  • Hoya.
  • Petunia.
  • Fuchsia.
  • Pelargonium.
  • Ahimenes.
  • Cisuss.
  • Begonia.
  • Verbena.
  • Lobelia.
  • Chlorophytum.

Climbing and flowering varieties are most in demand, especially if they are perennial and fast-growing. These varieties are planted in flowerpots, pots, wooden boxes.

When planting and placing a flower, it should be borne in mind that there are heat-loving or shade-loving species, if you do not pay attention to this factor, the flower will be faded or even die.

Also, in the process of forming compositions, it is necessary to select varieties with similar growing conditions.

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Benefits of vertical garden landscaping

There are many advantages of vertical landscaping:

  • Ampel flowers help to create a beautiful and cozy design for a very small garden area as well as for large terraces and gardens.
  • They are distinguished by their mobility. In suspended structures, you can easily change the flower arrangements, each time adding novelty and modernity.
  • With the help of such plants, you can hide unsuccessful or ugly areas, decorate not very attractive land plots, bring freshness to them, make them bright, expressive, highlight vertical garden lines.
  • The big advantage is the ease and ease of maintenance. The only thing is that flowers require timely watering and feeding. No need for weeding, weeding, hilling and mulching.
  • Some ampelous flowers can be used for landscaping an insulated balcony or garden in winter. Not all flowers can boast of this feature.
  • A variety of colors, the ability to combine different types, creating whole compositions.

These are just the main advantages; every gardener can learn about the rest as he works with flowers.

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Shade-loving ampelous flowers

The varieties that love shade and do not like direct contact with the sun are shown in Table 2.

Namea brief description of
Ampel fuchsiaIt grows only in the shade, likes moderate watering. The color of the buds is pink or white. Flowering occurs in early September and lasts until October
BegoniaA feature of the plant are large inflorescences of different shades, neat small leaves. It grows in gardens in areas where there is shade throughout the day, in planters and pots with a stand on a high leg.
Vanka wet or balsam

Annual. If not planted in the shade, it quickly fades and dies. You can put flowerpots under the branches of fruit trees, thereby creating a lacy shade. Abundant flowering is observed in the summer months, and if the weather is warm for a long time outside, then it lasts until late autumn

Fast growing ampelous plants

The fast-growing flowers are listed in table 3.

NameBrief characteristics and features

Belonged to the succulent variety.

Shoots are threadlike, hanging, branching and bare.

The leaves are unusual, in the form of buds or hearts, fleshy and dense in texture.

All year round, the flower pleases with abundant flowering.

The growth is fast, the shoot grows in length by one meter.

Unique corolla structure, tube splicing is present


Rapid growth is observed.

Culture propagation is carried out in a vegetative way.

The variety of the palette of shades is striking


Belong to the class of herbaceous and annuals.

Flowering occurs in early spring, and lasts until the end of October, under good weather conditions.

It grows and expands very quickly.

The shade of the buds is red, pink, purple or blue.

The foliage is hairy, the texture is dense.

Grows in hanging baskets or containers.

The plant can be used for landscaping balconies or closed terraces during frosty months.

Drought-resistant flowers for pots

There are types of ampelous plants that calmly tolerate drought, they have such qualities:

  • pelargonium is ivy, with proper care, flowering is observed all year round;
  • feruloliferous succession, calmly tolerates dry weather and prolonged cold snaps;
  • sedum;
  • ripsalis;
  • ceropegia wood;
  • Rowley.

The best flowers for pots in the garden

All ampelnye are very beautiful and attractive, but still, gardeners celebrate the best among the best. We indicate them in Table 4.

Namea brief description of
LobeliaHerbaceous perennial. Inflorescences are small, but very bright and colorful: purple, purple, blue. Additionally, the buds are decorated with shiny, densely growing small leaves.
NasturtiumShoots are weaving and erect. The inflorescences are red, yellow and bright orange. Dissolve before the first frost.
PetuniaThe most unpretentious of ampelous, needs minimal maintenance. Loves warmth and a lot of light
One year old alissumIt is considered decorative. It is literally covered with fragrant buds and resembles a ball shape. The stem is long and highly branched.

Although this is a matter of taste, some like representatives of the flora with lush and rich foliage, others like large, multi-colored buds, in fact, you can plant different varieties, giving a special zest to the design.

Features of caring for ampelous plants

When it comes to leaving, there are just a few things worth emphasizing:

  • Watering should be moderate and regular. If the size of the flowerpot is small, then watering is carried out more often. On hot days, the procedure is performed in the morning and evening every day. If watering has not been carried out for several days, and the earth has hardened strongly, then pieces of ice are placed on top of the soil. The ice will begin to melt and saturate the soil with moisture. As soon as the water is soaked through the soil, it will begin to flow out through the drain holes.
  • Fertilizing, as a top dressing, it is better to use a complex composition designed for flowers planted in containers or pots. The procedures are performed regularly, fertilizers are considered the only food, and the appearance depends on them.
  • Pruning dried shoots and wilted buds.

Performing these manipulations when growing ampelous plants, problems should not arise.

How ampelous and cascading flowers are used in garden design

There are several nuances. It is important to hang containers or baskets so that they do not interfere with walking.

Change the compositions periodically so that they are combined with other details of the garden.
On lawns or a terrace, it is worth installing a flowerpot with a forged stand or leg.

Instead of pots, some use unusual elements: a broken bicycle, a wheelbarrow, an old boot, children's toys.

You can experiment to your taste or borrow interesting ideas from others.

So, ampelous plants are a great option for any design. Landscaping in this way is always advantageous, maintenance is minimal, and the beauty is incredible!

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