Dozen grapes, description and photos, characteristics, yield, care rules

 Dozen grapes, description and photos, characteristics, yield, care rules

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The grape variety A dozen young, was bred in 2007 by the breeder Kitaychenko A.I. Kitaichenko himself claims that this is his best hybrid grape form.

She was the 13th in a row, so she got the name "Dozen". The variety is promising, marketable. Let us consider in detail what characteristics distinguish this variety from others.


  • Description of the variety and photo
  • What the fruits look like, yield
  • Disadvantages of the variety and advantages
  • Where to buy grape seedlings A dozen how to plant
  • Care rules
  • Diseases and prevention measures
  • Pest control

Description of the variety and photo

Appointment of table grapes. Not early ripening in terms of time, ripens in 115-125 days, starting from mid-August.

The flowers are female, but well pollinated. The bush is vigorous, high-yielding: on strong vines, the yield can reach up to 100 kg.

On all shoots there are two or three bunches, so that the berries are normally formed and ripen, you need to ration the harvest. Sugar content 17.5%.

Increased frost resistance, withstands up to -23 ° C without shelter.

What the fruits look like, yield

Dimensional characteristics of berries at height:

  • The berries are large, round or oval in shape, with an average weight of 15-20 grams.
  • The bunch is large, of medium density, about 30 cm long, but individual bunches may be larger, weighing from 500 to 1500 g
  • The color is rich, marketable, crimson with a transition to red. Under the scorching sun, the color can change to maroon with blue
  • The taste is rich, harmonious, memorable with a light honey-floral aftertaste. The pulp is juicy, crispy, with a bone. The skin is firm but easily eaten

Disadvantages of the variety and advantages

The variety has no peculiarities in care, but it cannot be said that it is unpretentious. However, it is not necessary to say that grapes do not require care, unless we are talking about wild.

However, the Dozen variety does not have any difficulties in care, compared to other species.


  • the color of the berries stands out brightly with its deep saturation;
  • the taste of the berries is harmonious, if someone has tried it, they will not confuse it with anything;
  • the bushes are vigorous, on the stepchildren, by mid-September, you can collect the second wave of the harvest;
  • frost resistance, the vine ripens well, cuttings root easily;
  • berries do not crack from autumn rains, are not damaged by wasps.

Of the shortcomings, it can be noted that the berries are easily torn off the crest, which affects the presentation of the bunches during transportation.

Let's watch a useful video about Dozen grapes:

Where to buy grape seedlings A dozen how to plant

You can buy seedlings in the online store, on private sites of winegrowers, there is probably an opportunity to contact the breeder Kitaychenko himself.

Grapes are planted in spring or autumn. The safest way to dig a cubic meter hole in the fall. You need to take two buckets of humus, some wood ash, about half a bucket, and 200 gr. superphosphate.

First, fill the bottom of the pit with the top layer of soil that was removed from the first bayonet of the shovel, then add earth, humus and superphosphate layer by layer, carefully shoveling each layer. Plant seedlings in the spring.

The optimal distance between rows is 3 meters, between bushes in a row - 3 meters, in the row spacing you can 2 meters.

The vines have a very large root system, and the larger the feeding area, the better.

Remember about the groundwater level, if it is close to the surface (at a level of 40-80 cm), then the planting hole will need to be "raised", that is, after planting, the seedling should be on a small elevation.

Care rules

For good fruiting, grapes need complete care, which includes:

  • correct planting: it is important to provide plants with a sufficient nutritional area, not to thicken the planting; choose a southern, sunny place, without drafts;
  • shrub formation, pruning and debris;
  • watering;
  • fertilization;
  • loosening the soil in the first year;
  • protection from infections and pests.

Any grape requires a lot of attention, otherwise it will overgrow, or even die from some disease.

What diseases the variety is susceptible to, effective preventive measures

The best prevention is correct planting, timely pruning and all the necessary work. A healthy, strong plant will protect itself from pests.

However, preventive treatments are still needed:

  • the first is carried out in the spring, when the air temperature warms up to 4-6 degrees, the bushes are sprayed with a 1-3 percent solution of ferrous sulfate;
  • from fungal diseases, after opening the eyes;
  • if necessary, it is possible to re-process it before flowering in 1-2 weeks.
  • the next one, from fungal diseases, is carried out in the summer, after a period of flowering and setting of berries;
  • in the fall, in front of the shelter, the vines, as well as the soil next to the plants, are sprayed with fungicides.

Dozen have good resistance to major diseases - mildew, oidium, gray mold - at the level of three points. Berries are practically not damaged by wasps.

Let's watch a useful video about grape diseases, their treatment and prevention:

Pest control

We will indicate the common pests of grapes in the table.

PestNeutralization measures
AphidIt can be both on leaves and underground. From aphids, plants are treated with insecticides
Grape itchTo combat it, use a nitrophene solution
Mites0.2% celtan or neoron will help from them, mites develop resistance to poisons, spraying should be done every 10 days, alternating preparations
Leaf rollersInsectoacaricides are effective: Fozalon, BI-58, Tsimbush, and their analogues

Always pay attention to the condition of plants, pests or diseases, it is easier to destroy at the very beginning of their growth.

The Dozen grapes are perfect for growing both for your own consumption and for the market.

And its frost resistance allows it to be grown not only in Ukraine (where it comes from), but also much farther north.

There are more than 10 thousand grape varieties in the world, and it is fair to say that the Dozen variety occupies one of the places of honor among them.

Watch the video: Benefits of Grapes for Brain Health (June 2022).


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