Karbofos, instructions for use, treatment against garden pests, destruction of ants and cockroaches

Karbofos, instructions for use, treatment against garden pests, destruction of ants and cockroaches

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Gardeners are often faced with the problem of invasive insects that spoil trees and fruits. For pest control, insecticides have been used since ancient times, one of the most popular and productive of them is karbofos.

This article discusses the composition of karbofos, instructions for the use of the substance and the principle of its action in different cases.


  • Karbofos: composition of the drug and its purpose
  • How does it work
  • Instructions for the use of karbofos for garden processing
  • The use of karbofos for processing strawberries
  • Is malofos effective against ants
  • Is it possible to use insecticide against cockroaches and mosquitoes
  • Analogs of the drug, with which means can be combined
  • Storage rules
  • Safety precautions when working with insecticides

Karbofos: composition of the drug and its purpose

An insecticide or a remedy that allows you to rid the garden plot and the room from insects in the shortest possible time is called karbofos.

The composition of the substance includes the main component - malathion, it is a colorless liquid with an oily structure and a pungent thiol odor.

The release form is diverse:

  • emulsion;
  • pills;
  • powder;
  • granules.

Karbofos is used in many areas, especially in the agricultural area, for the treatment of greenhouses and gardens, in everyday life for disinfection and for medical purposes. The productivity is very high.

The product has an average degree of toxicity, therefore, when working with it, it is important to observe safety measures, it is especially important not to work at high temperatures so as not to provoke a fire.

Let's watch a video with instructions for using karbofos:

How does it work

The principle of operation of karbofos is as follows:

  • In direct contact with the poison, the insect is paralyzed and dies. The defeat occurs almost instantly, which allows you to save the vegetation from harm. The maximum effect is achieved four hours after the procedure.
  • Productive for the defeat of not only adults, but also larvae.
  • The effect of the poison lasts for fourteen days.

Malofos works on almost all types of insects:

  • flies;
  • aphids;
  • honeydew;
  • ticks;
  • moth;
  • kidney moth;
  • leafhopper;
  • thrips;
  • sawflies;
  • mosquitoes;
  • weevils;
  • fire rage;
  • gall midge;
  • cockroaches.
  • ants;
  • bedbugs;
  • mealybug;
  • scabbard.

For the effect to be 100%, you must act in accordance with the instructions on the package.

Instructions for the use of karbofos for garden processing

The main thing during processing is not to harm crops and others. To do this, you need not to overdo it with the dosage, otherwise intoxication will occur.

To spray the garden, follow these instructions:

  • Before each procedure, make a fresh solution, therefore, karbofos is prepared only before use.
  • In order for an ideal suspension to come out, it is diluted in water and constantly stirred to obtain a homogeneous mass.
  • The optimal dosage for fruit crops is 90 grams of substance per 10 liters of water. To spray shrubs, you need to take 75 grams of the solution and dilute it in 10 liters of water.
  • You need to act by spraying (it is worth purchasing a special spray bottle). The procedure is considered complete if all the foliage on the plant is moistened with the suspension.
  • The procedure is carried out only in dry weather, without the presence of wind. Time of day - morning or evening. The temperature is no more than fifteen degrees.
  • It is impossible to process the same plant or tree with karbofos more than 2 times in 1 season. It is also forbidden to combine the product with other drugs based on the same active ingredient.
  • It has an effect of four hours, the protective barrier against insects remains for two weeks.

Do not use the substance during the flowering period of the crop, this will contribute to poor pollination. Because of the pungent smell, bees will not fly close to the tree.

It is unsafe to carry out the procedure during the rainy season, since the substance will wash off, and all destructive substances will go into the ground. The rules are very simple, but they must be followed.

The use of karbofos for processing strawberries

Strawberries can be damaged by strawberry weevils. This insect lives in the ground in winter, and at the first warming it wakes up, affects the buds and leaves of strawberries.

To avoid such a defeat, you need to spray the culture with karbofos. The dosage is as follows: 60 grams of the product per 10 liters of water.

For complete safety in the autumn, it is necessary to dig up a place between the rows, and select and burn the damaged leaves.

Is malofos effective against ants

The drug is successfully used to remove ants and destroy entire colonies. To achieve a positive result, it is important to spray the congestion areas and paths of movement of the ants.

For three hours, house red insects die. The defense reaction lasts from 5 days to two weeks.

Works well even on flying ants. The disadvantage is unpleasant odor.

Is it possible to use insecticide against cockroaches and mosquitoes

Karbofos is productive for the destruction of mosquitoes and cockroaches. For the procedure, it is important to use a spray bottle so that the substance can reach even the most inaccessible places, especially behind baseboards and furniture.

During processing, safety and caution play a significant role. It is necessary to use protective equipment: wear closed clothing so that the substance does not come into contact with the skin.

After the end of the procedure, these clothes will be thrown away, you should think about this in advance. Protective goggles and a mask are worn over the eyes to protect the face from allergies and avoid intoxication.

At the very end of the manipulation, you should wash your hands with soap and water, and ventilate the room after four hours, until the smell disappears. Wet cleaning of the room is carried out later, soap and other chemical agents completely kill the effect of the insecticide.

You cannot use this product for a long time, as cockroaches have the ability to adapt to chemicals.

Let's watch a video about using karbofos to fight cockroaches:

Analogs of the drug, with which means can be combined

Since malofos is a toxic substance, it is better to use agents that are safe for animals and humans as analogues.

List of drugs:

  • Diazinon.
  • Imidacloprid.
  • Permethrin.

Their main active ingredient is chamomile flowers and tobacco foliage. Plant-based ingredients make insecticides more desirable.

You can combine karbofos:

  • with activators and growth stimulants;
  • with macro- and microelements used as fertilizers;
  • with immunomodulators;
  • synergists: alatar, aliot, fufanon.

When buying a mixture, you need to make sure that the components can be combined, you should also evaluate the quality of the product. When diluting the suspension, the solution should not cloud, heat up and precipitate. Also, the raw material is spoiled if any chemical reaction occurs.

Storage rules

Raw materials are stored at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees, the place must be dry. Do not store the product near fire, medicines and food. Also, children should not come into contact with the drug, otherwise severe poisoning with many negative consequences is possible.

Safety precautions when working with insecticides

When processing with any chemical means, it is important to observe safety measures, since these substances are harmful to plants, animals and humans.

A few basic guidelines:

  • To protect other plants, cover them with plastic wrap when spraying.
  • It is important to protect your face and respiratory tract. If karbofos is inhaled, severe poisoning or burns of the mucous membrane of the respiratory system can occur. It is important to wear gloves, goggles and a respirator.
  • If the treatment is carried out at home, it is worth removing animals and people during the procedure, and not entering the house for four to five hours. All things that have had any contact with the substance must be thrown away or treated with soapy water. In order not to feel sorry for throwing things away, when performing the procedure, you need to wear work or old clothes.
  • In no case do not use the drug if the expiration date has passed.

So, malofos is a toxic pest control agent used for both domestic and agricultural purposes.

The tool is very effective if you follow the instructions and do not exceed the indicated dosage. It is also important to stay safe so as not to harm yourself and those around you.

Watch the video: How to Use - Richgros Ant Spider and Cockroach RTUs (June 2022).


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