So different and lovely strawberries

So different and lovely strawberries

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Strawberries and strawberries are two delicious friends that also have many health benefits. The sweet berry melts in your mouth, leaving behind a pleasant aftertaste and a persistent desire to eat a couple or two more.

Strawberries can quench your thirst in time and have a beneficial effect on digestion. Masks made from this berry are widely used in home cosmetology. Unpretentious in care, it reproduces well, but over time it ceases to bear fruit well. In order to have a stable (or increasing) yield, you need to replant the strawberry bed from time to time. Some varieties need to change their place of residence every two to three years, others just need to plow the soil and plant it again.

Strawberries need to be watered well, they don't like dry soil. Cold can also be fatal. It is better for bushes to hibernate under a good layer of snow (or cover). Avoid fertilizers that contain chlorine that is harmful to this sweet berry. To drive away uninvited guests: slugs, centipedes and other pests, you can sprinkle the soil prepared for planting with coarse sand.

Strawberry varieties are early, medium (mid-early) and late (mid-late). The first include "Beauty of Zagorya", "Pavlovchanka", "Roxana" and others. Mid-early - these are some of the most popular: "Festivalnaya", "Zenith", "Nadezhda". Strawberries "Polka", "Zenga-Zengana", "Cinderella", "Dobrynya" - late varieties.

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