The problem with bedbugs in the country.

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People, can someone tell me if the bugs freeze out in winter or is it better to poison everything? Out of stupidity, he bought old furniture from a neighbor a month ago, he sold the dacha, vacated the premises. But it turned out that in addition to the furniture, the "tenants" had also moved. Or do you still have to poison?

Difficult question, really. Someone says they freeze, someone says that the larvae survive and hatch with the onset of heat. For me, it's better, safer to poison.

I didn't check whether I was freezing or not, I immediately bought the poison and that's it. I took Sonder from bedbugs, a reliable remedy, professionally Dutch. Unlike ours, it kills both insects and larvae. There are three components in the composition, a rather strong poison, it must be diluted well. But there, in principle, everything is written in the instructions, and how and where to poison. I will just add that although it has a smell similar to paint, it quickly disappears and is safe for animals, if this is important to you.

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