If midges start in the kitchen, what to do, mechanical and chemical means, how to prevent it

Every hostess at least once in her life has encountered an invasion of midges in the apartment, especially in the kitchen.

They are harmless, but at the same time they cause a lot of inconvenience, since several hundred of them can be added during the day.

Let's find out what to do if midges are in the kitchen and why they appear.


  • The reasons for the appearance of small midges in the house
  • Gnats started in the kitchen what to do, how to poison
  • How to get rid of midges in flowers
  • Why do brown midges appear in the kitchen in winter, how to destroy them
  • How to get rid of midges with chemicals
  • How to get rid of gnats using mechanical devices
  • The most effective remedies for midges
  • How to prevent the appearance of midges

The reasons for the appearance of small midges in the house

To get rid of midges, it is necessary to determine the primary source of their appearance and reproduction.

There are several options:

  • Midges, such as fruit flies, easily fly from the street, hearing the aroma of a bad or stale product, not taken out garbage. Insects can also fly through ventilation, basement, heating pipes and sewers.
  • Drosophila likes humidity, so if, in addition to missing food, there are problems with dampness in the kitchen due to the sewage system and the sink, this will aggravate the situation.

Midge larvae can enter the kitchen through purchased stale or dirty vegetables and fruits.

If there is no spoiled food and debris, and insects continue to increase in number, then the problem is in indoor flowers. They can start in the ground from an excess of moisture, or if the flowerpots are on the windowsill, where the window is open.

After the reason is found, it is worthwhile to take up the process of removing midges and their eggs.

Gnats started in the kitchen what to do, how to poison

To get rid of eggs, you need to find the breeding site, cover it with a bag and immediately throw it away from home.

Now it is worth putting things in order in the kitchen - removing the remnants of food from the table, throwing out the trash, washing the dishes. Rinse purchased vegetables or fruits with boiling water, put various sweets and jams in the refrigerator, you can leave them on the table, putting everything in a food container with a tight-fitting lid.

It is advisable not to use a sink when cleaning fruits and vegetables, as residues can get into the drainage system. To completely destroy the habitat of fruit flies, the pipe should be doused with boiling water or cleaned with a blockage agent.

You can poison midges with ethyl alcohol, the higher its percentage, the better the effect. Alcohol is poured into a spray bottle or spray bottle and sprayed directly on the insects.

Midges die instantly, you just need to sweep them off the surface. This method is good because it even kills insect eggs and is safe for health.

Let's watch a video on what to do if midges start in the kitchen:

How to get rid of midges in flowers

Reproduction of flower insects can occur in both winter and summer. In winter, midges appear due to the fact that the root weakens or the soil is affected, and in summer they fly across the street. If you do not take any measures, the plant will die.

To get rid of them, take the following steps:

  • It is important to set aside the infected flower from the rest of the flowerpots.
  • It is necessary to inspect the soil, if there are no eggs, then replace the soil partially.
  • It is advised to treat the land with insecticides, for example: Antar, Tanrek and Fitoverm.
  • If larvae are present in the soil, then the infected soil is discarded.
  • The root system of the flower is washed out, the new soil is disinfected.
  • It is worth adding the Mukhoed agent to the soil, one granule will get rid of harmful midges.

If the flower gnats have managed to multiply strongly and have affected many plants, you can treat all the flowers with aerosol substances, for example, Raptor or Dichlorvos. The product should be sprayed not only on plants, but also on nearby objects, for example, a wall, shelf, pot and windowsill.

During the period of removal of midges, watering should be reduced. Dry soil will speed up the death of the eggs.

If you do everything in accordance with the instructions, annoying insects will disappear in a week.

Why do brown midges appear in the kitchen in winter, how to destroy them

The likelihood that fruit flies will appear in winter is very low.

If this happens, the problem should be looked for in the following:

  • Perhaps the root system of indoor plants has deteriorated. Due to the formation of rot, a specific smell appears in the soil, which attracts such insects.
  • Improper storage of vegetables causes such a problem, it may be due to the incorrectly set temperature.

You need to fight insects in the same way as in the summer, the tips are no less relevant.

How to get rid of midges with chemicals

Chemical preparations help quickly, but it is worth remembering that many of them have a negative effect on a person. Therefore, during the period of their use, it is worth observing protective measures.

Here are some choices for chemicals from house gnats:

  • Liquid baits. Traps "Bros", Flyes Avay "," FT 001 "with the addition of an attractant are popular. The action is as follows: the insect senses a smell, flies to its source and gets into a trap, it is impossible to get out of the bait.
  • Aerosols and sprays. Widely used by: Raid, Dichlorvos and Raptor. To start the spraying procedure, it is worth removing all products from open areas, clothes and children's toys. During spraying, windows and doors must be tightly closed, and then, after a few minutes, everything must be opened for ventilation. You need to ventilate as long as possible so that not the slightest smell from chemicals remains, otherwise health problems may begin.
  • Repellent repellents. This includes: Reftamide, Breeze-Antimoxit, Gardeks.
  • Gelatinous substances. Ideal for the treatment of downpipes and drains.
  • Fumigators. The safest method among chemicals. A plate or container is purchased that contains liquid dangerous for midges. They act as follows: a plate, a container inserted into a fumigator, heats up and a small amount of a chemical is released into the air. The process of destruction is slower than that of other means, insects partially die after three hours, and completely only after six to seven hours. This remedy is effective for all types of domestic insects: flies, mosquitoes, beetles and midges.

If there are children in the house, it is better not to use chemicals.

It can also be dangerous for people with allergies or intolerances to certain chemicals. In this case, it is better to use mechanical or home-made devices.

How to get rid of gnats using mechanical devices

There are many effective methods:

  • Where there are a lot of insects, you should place shallow containers and pour in liquid: water, wine (vinegar can be used) and soap solution. Wine will attract with aroma, and soap will not allow the midges to get out, as a result, they die.
  • Hang adhesive tapes near the window, for example, on top of the window sill, for flies or mosquitoes.
  • You can remove fruit flies with a vacuum cleaner. It is important to clean the container after thorough cleaning, if this is not done, the midges can multiply and spread again in the room.
  • In summer, mosquito nets should be installed on the windows, this will protect against insects from the street.
  • An aromatic lamp is placed near the flowers or next to the kitchen table, where a couple of drops of eucalyptus or clove oil are dripped. This smell scares away insects, and they fly away on their own.
  • You can make a trap with your own hands using a lid and a plastic cup. Apple cider vinegar or sweet compote is poured inside the glass, some people put a slice of apple or banana. Make several holes in the lid of the glass, into which the midge could climb. Moshkars will become larger every minute, as soon as the container is filled, it must be thrown away, covered with a bag. If fruit flies remain, put a new glass, and so on until they disappear completely.
  • Packet trap. A regular trash bag is filled with sweet bait and left open overnight. When you wake up, you will find an incredible amount of gnats that cling to this package. In order not to scare insects, you need to quickly tie it up and throw it out into the street.

It is very effective to get rid of midges with camphor. To do this, it is enough to turn the medicine into powder and pour it into a hot frying pan. Camphor fumes will quickly fill the entire kitchen and the midges will die. This product is absolutely safe for adults and children.

Another way is vinegar solution. You can spread the rags soaked in vinegar in places where insects accumulate more, wipe kitchen tables and other surfaces. During the day, the gnats will disappear.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways, and they are all simple. You can find the best option for yourself personally, and, if necessary, use it.

The most effective remedies for midges

The most effective remedies are chemicals, this is a win-win.

Of all the funds, several are worth highlighting:

  • Electric traps are locked. Such a device is intended primarily for removing mosquitoes and flies from premises, but it is also suitable for getting rid of flies. Locked, kills the insect instantly with the help of an electric current. The device requires a lot of energy, makes an unpleasant noise in operation, is bulky and expensive. But the result is one hundred percent.
  • Repellents. A special strip is installed inside, which is initially treated with a chemical substance. This remedy scares away fruit flies, and kills the brave who do not fly away. Repellents are very easy to use. You can just hang them in the kitchen, especially where there are a lot of midges, and you will immediately see the effect.
  • Sprayers like Dichlorvos and Raid are very good too.

It is up to the owner to decide which method to use. The main thing is not to forget to thoroughly ventilate the room after the procedure. Chemical vapors are dangerous not only for humans, but also for domestic animals and birds. In winter, these methods are not used, since there is no way to ventilate the room for a long time.

We suggest watching another interesting video:

How to prevent the appearance of midges

In order not to have this problem, it is worth warning it. For this, there are the usual preventive measures:

  • do not accumulate dirty dishes;
  • if there is a pet in the house, wash its dishes regularly;
  • carry out a general cleaning in the kitchen, wipe the tables with vinegar, clean crumbs and other food from the corners and crevices;
  • take out the trash every day. The trash bin must be clean and closed;
  • store fruits and vegetables in special containers in the refrigerator, store the harvested crop from the garden in the basement or cellar;
  • take care of indoor flowers, periodically change the soil, avoid frequent watering;
  • from time to time, clean the siphon in the kitchen and the drainpipe using special products;
  • it is advisable to wash all purchased products with boiling water or hot water, this will help destroy the larvae, if any;
  • ventilate the room every day at any time of the year.

If you follow these simple guidelines, fruit flies will not appear. And if a couple arrives, they will disappear on their own, since there is no food for them.

So, the appearance of midges in the apartment directly depends on the owners. Even if they do appear, don't panic. By removing the source of their food and reproduction, and using the tips from this article, you will quickly get rid of insects.

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