What is a large-fruited remontant strawberry, which varieties are the most popular

Strawberries, or in other words remontant strawberries, are very popular among gardeners, since the berry is healthy and tasty, children love it very much.

There are many varieties of large-fruited remontant strawberries, they differ in taste, color and size.

It is important to understand the differences and characteristics of each individual culture.


  • Large-fruited remontant strawberry, varieties, what are the features
  • Renovation neutral day strawberries
  • Strawberry varieties with remontant bezus
  • What varieties of remontant strawberries are suitable for Siberia
  • The sweetest varieties of remontant strawberries
  • Continuous fruiting strawberry varieties
  • Description of the Harmony variety

Large-fruited remontant strawberry, varieties, what are the features

Repaired means that the bush will begin to bear fruit again immediately after the first harvest. Fruiting of such strawberries begins 14 days earlier than usual. These varieties are frost-resistant and have the ability to produce crops before the first cold weather, some species release new inflorescences even with frost.

We will indicate the known large-fruited varieties in the table.

DiamondComes from America. The bush is compact, leafy. The weight of one strawberry is twenty grams. The pulp is light, the shape of the fruit is conical. For Diamant, the formation of a mustache is characteristic during the growing season. Medium sweetness, not juicy. Not susceptible to spider mite attacks
Moscow delicacyThe rosettes are strong, the bushes are strong and large. High productivity. The berries weigh between fifteen and thirty-five grams. Sweet fruits, smell like cherries. High index of resistance to cold and disease
AlbionBushes are medium, grow sprawling. The berries are large, sweet, the weight of one fruit is twenty-eight grams. The strawberry color is red and has a strong aroma. High fruiting. Well tolerates temperature extremes and weather elements
San andreasBushes are strong and large. The berries are large, dense and juicy, the maximum weight is thirty-five grams. The shape of the fruit is oblong, with a rounded tip. The taste is sweet, with a slight sourness. High immunity to decay
TemptationIt belongs to hybrid, early maturing. The mass of the berry is up to thirty grams, the shade is red, bright. Dense, juicy and sweet berries, the taste is sweet, the aroma is sharp, but peculiar. Medium level frost resistance. Not susceptible to disease with proper care.

They are among the leaders of large-fruited strawberries, each option is good, it will not disappoint its owner.

We offer you to watch a video about the best varieties of large-fruited remontant strawberries:

Neutral Day Repair Strawberry

Popular include those listed in the table.

MontereyHomeland is California. The bush is powerful, with small green leaves. The color of the strawberry is dark red, the fruit is medium in size, the shape is oblong. The pulp is dense, thanks to this it retains a presentable appearance for five days after collection. The taste is sugary sweet, the aroma is pleasant, pronounced. Is susceptible to disease, but tolerates various climatic changes well
PhinessStrong bush with moderate foliage. Strawberries taste sweet and sour, juicy, with a pleasant smell. Resistant to crop-specific diseases
Vima RinaDutch late-ripening kind of remontant neutral strawberry. The bush is dense, medium-sized, the foliage is light green. Antennae formation is low. The berries are cone-shaped, the pulp is medium in density. Strawberries weigh between thirty and forty grams. The taste is delicate, juicy, sweet and sour, with a strong aroma. Excellent resistance to heat and frost, suitable for long distance transport. Disease resistance - above average.
FeliceBushes are medium in size, with dense foliage, beautiful pink and raspberry inflorescences. High perfection. The berries are medium, with a rich aroma, red hue. Sweet in taste, with a pleasant sourness, very similar to wild strawberries or pineapple, the flesh is firm and juicy. Rarely exposed to diseases characteristic of the root system.
Molling PearlEarly ripe. The yield is good. The bush is medium, the formation is strong. The shape of the fruit is conical, the color is red. The pulp is firm, juicy and sweet. Resistance to many diseases has not been studied, does not lend itself to infection with powdery mildew
CapriA compact bush with a weak whisker formation. The fruits have a dense skin and can be transported. The shape of the strawberry is conical, the weight is thirty grams, the taste is sweet, the pulp is fragrant. Medium resistance to insects and diseases of deciduous crops
JubileeConsidered royal. The height of the bush is twenty centimeters. Strawberries of the same shape, weighing up to thirty-five grams. The color of the berries is bright red, the pulp is of medium density. The taste is sugar, juicy, with a rich aroma. It is susceptible to the defeat of powdery mildew, but is resistant to other diseases

Each has its own nuances of care, so it is worth choosing, relying not only on taste, but also taking into account agrotechnical nuances.

Strawberry varieties with remontant bezus

A strawberry without a mustache has both advantages and disadvantages.

Among this type, they are distinguished as the most popular ones indicated in the table.

AlexandriaThe bush is high and dense. The mustache is missing. Ripening occurs in stages, but the yield is high. The fruits are medium, the weight of one berry is seven grams, the color is red. The taste is sweet, the aroma is weak. Frost-resistant variety, resistant to disease
Ali BabaThe bush is medium, the maximum height is fifteen centimeters. Strawberry in the shape of a cone, red color, the mass of one berry is not more than five grams. The pulp is tender, white. The taste is sweet and sour, the aroma is pleasant. Not picky about temperature jumps and diseases
Snow WhiteMustache, early. The bushes have strong roots, the stems are strong, but after a few years it needs to be transplanted. The berries are medium in size, white in color. Pineapple aroma, delicate fruity taste. Excellent resistance to cold and disease
Yellow miracleThe bushes are tall and compact. Strawberries are small, yellow in color. The taste is sweet, the pulp is juicy, the aroma is delicate and delicate. Not afraid of disease
Evie 2The plant has a round, spreading bush with light green foliage. Fruits are firm, medium in size (weight ranges from fifteen to twenty-five grams). The color of the berry is scarlet. The aroma is intense, the taste is sweet and sour. Diseases and frosts are not terrible

Many beardless varieties are used as decoration for borders; they can be grown on balconies in special containers.

Let's watch a video about the features of remontant beardless strawberries:

What varieties of remontant strawberries are suitable for Siberia

For residents of Siberia, we can recommend:

  • Alexandrina. The bush is semi-spreading, tall, with large green leaves. Fruits are round, medium-sized (at the first harvest, the weight is twenty grams, the rest of the harvest - the weight of the fruit is no more than ten grams). Strawberry sweet and sour, aromatic. Often sick, low yield.
  • Forest fairy tale. Medium bush. The berries are elongated, small, bright red. The fruit tastes sweet, with a slight sourness, the aroma is delicate, fragrant. Poorly tolerates high temperatures.
  • RĂ¼gen. Low bushes, complete lack of mustache. The berries are long, dark red in color. The pulp is sweet and tender, aromatic. Average yield. High resistance to genetic changes and diseases.

It is advisable to plant strawberries in Siberia before mid-May, this will increase fruiting.

The sweetest varieties of remontant strawberries

There are the following, the sweetest.

Yummy F1The bush is low, spreading. The berries are medium in size, weighing fifteen grams. The very sweet taste and strong smell can be felt from afar. Withstands hot and cold conditions, insect attacks without problems
Avis DelightIt is famous for its high yield and sugar flavor. The berries are red, large, with dense flesh. The aroma is pronounced, strawberry. Not susceptible to diseases, easily tolerates high humidity, medium frost resistance. Well transported over long distances
ShelfThe bush is low, an average of twelve centimeters. Fruits are red, large (up to sixty grams), even unripe, very sweet in taste. The aroma is delicate, slightly caramel. In the cold months, it needs shelter, requires prevention from diseases
Junia SmidesSemi-spreading bush. Strawberries are symmetrical, red, large (weight up to thirty-five grams). The taste is sugary, the aroma is very strong, even when unripe. Susceptible to attacks by pests and diseases, requires winter wrapping.

Continuous fruiting strawberry varieties

Small-fruited varieties are distinguished by continuous fruiting:

  • Ruyana. The bushes are neat, low, there is no mustache. The berries are large, conical, juicy, and scarlet. The aroma is similar to wild strawberries. Not afraid of frost and disease resistant.
  • Baron Solemacher. Squat bushes, spherical, medium spreading. The berries are red, small. The taste is sweet, the pulp is aromatic and juicy. Unripe fruits contain sourness. Disease resistance is high.

If the bush is small-fruited, then most likely it has continuous fruiting, before purchasing it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with its characteristics in advance.

Description of the Harmony variety

Spreading bushes, powerful and large. The fruits are large, with a shiny red tint. The pulp is firm, but at the same time very juicy and sweet, so the berries are not stored for long.

Ripens late when other strawberries have ripened more than once. It is affected by gray rot, and spotting is impossible for it. Doesn't like high humidity.

As you can see, each variety of remontant strawberries has its own characteristics. With proper care, a large and tasty harvest is expected.

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